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So I given a bit of thought to this and other people have been doing this too. So I figured I can try this too. Now most of my choices are 3rd Party Characters and the Number 1 slot is the one I put into the Fighter Ballot.
If you lot want to put in the comments your choices, go on ahead.
Anyway here are my choices and I put links to my own pictures of them. Even decided to add what movesets I'd personally give them. You may not agree with me on them, but you know...

5. Simon Belmont: Begins His Hunt! is 5th here. I think Simon Belmont would be a great choice since he has a lot of weapons at his disposal he could use. Whips and then there are sub-weapons. Doesn't sound like much, but there's tons of variations for his whips and sub-weapons. The series also has quite a bit of relation to nintendo systems. The problem here is that would Nintendo allow the Religious things most of his games have? I mean we're not in the 90s anymore, but still, I don't know how Nintendo is about Religious stuff in games now.

4. Balloon Fighter: Flips In! Now this is a very odd choice. Nintendo does have their points when they add odd characters. Mr. Game & Watch in Melee, R.O.B in Brawl, Duck Hunt Duo in 3DS/Wii U. So I figured we could add another. I think Balloon Fighter has a bit of potential I mean I imagine some of his attacks look weak but are not. Like Villager's Up Tilt doesn't look powerful, but it is. Also thinking of having a mainly aerial fighter; an opposite to Little Mac. Again, it's a very odd choice and I don't think you'd all think it's a great idea.

3. Sora: Unlocks His Way In! Another 3rd party Character. A very unique swordsman in my opinion. Like Robin, he can use his Keyblade and Magic, but he can also just perform a variety of moves with the Keyblade by itself such as Strike Raid. Magics could be used mainly for Smash Attacks and Special Attacks. Kingdom Hearts also has a number of games on Nintendo systems, so it wouldn't be exactly out of place. My issue is, is that Sora also has Disney parts to him and his series. So would it be allowed? I mean they're pretty open to the characters they're accepting.

2. Quote: Gets Armed! An Indie Character. A rather popular one too. By himself, he can't seem to do much, but that's where his weapons come in. I think the Blade could also be used for some close-up attacks, but also as projectiles. Also Quote could be another projectile user mainly going from mid-ranged to ranged attacks. I also though he could have a great gimmick where the more damage he deals, the more powerful he gets, but the more damage he takes, the weaker he gets. A bit like getting the Experience Triangles in Cave Story.

1. Shantae: Belly Dances In! Another Indie Character and the character I voted into the Fighter Ballot. Shantae's been around for a long time and mainly been on Nintendo systems until Risky's Revenge got the Steam treatment and Half-Genie Hero got the everything treatment. I also think she has a lot of attacks she can perform. She has her hair, magic and her transformations. I'd add Pirate Gear, but if they'd make a moveset of her, I think it'd be better if it was more... Shantae. The Pirate Gear to me would be a moveset one would give to Risky Boots. Maybe custom Special Moves otherwise.

Lost Decision Sakuya Izayoi: Sets Her Knives! This is another odd choice. Coming from the Touhou series and not even the main character. If a Touhou character was to get in, it'd be Reimu Hakurei. I just think Sakuya has a very unique move pull. She can use tons of knives and an use them in very interesting ways. On top of that, she can alter the flow of time which would make matches a bit more interested, I think. Now I put her as a Lost Decision because I think the world of Touhou would be a bit too weird for this game. I have no idea why I think this though. I mean it's a Japanese Indie Series and there's been fighting games with Touhou. So it wouldn't fully be out of place.

So that's my list... Yeah. I know people will use this Ballot as a reason to bring back Roy (from Fire Emblem) or Wolf (from Star Fox), but I'd hate that because that seems like a waste. Bring someone unique. Nintendo or not. People will want characters like Krystal or King K Rool, but I'm sticking with the ones I put here.


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Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen. I'm GamefreakDX. Not a very imaginative name, but anyway, I'm just here to draw... Mainly pony stuff because I'm a brony, even though I don't actually talk about it much. Feel free to traverse though my gallery of art.

Nintendo 3DS Friend Code: 3067-6277-7612
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RP Notice:
I do RP, but not very commonly. And if you want to know what I like or dislike doing in RPs, it's this:
- I am up for anything in RPs besides anything erotic.
- I personally hate RPing with canon characters since I'm not the best replicating characters' personalities.
- I usually like an RP to go somewhere like a story. If it doesn't, then I may end up saying it's bad or leaving it all together.
That's about it. Keep that in mind, thank you.

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Why did I get a YouTube account?
Inniatially, I wanted to be a person on YouTube that uploads trailer videos- games and stuff. But then I ended up making all sorts of other game videos like Lets Plays and Reviews. As of recently, it's been the place where I upload my music, which is mostly game related.

Why did I join DeviantART?
I can't remember on the top of my head. I'll just say word-of-mouth, I saw Brony art and wanted to join in. Started off... quite badly honestly, but I persevered and now I'm also drawing more humanoid things which I'm getting better at. I didn't actually chose art for my GCSEs because according to a few people... it doesn't teach you that much art. I chose Graphics though which I liked. Now I'm doing an Art course in college...

Why did I join Soundcloud?
I joined Soundcloud because I wanted a better way to upload my music. I never chose music in GCSE. In fact, I never really showed much interest in music, but then I listened to some music from the Brony community and that... somehow, lead me to like more game music. Most of the musical work I do is chiptune and soundfonts. I'm not exactly good at it though, so don't expect epic stuff out of me.

How did I become a Brony?
I became a brony by watching an April Fools Sonic F. It was Camaraderie is Supernatural. I ended up liking the video and parody. So I decided to watch the original episode... and I really liked it. Well written, well animated and... great almost everything. I do think though, since Season 2 (when Lauren Faust left), the writing in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has gone down a bit and since Season 3... I haven't focused much on this show at all actually. I've moved on to other series in video games and on YouTube. I still draw ponies... and giant ones, yes, but it's not like I draw the canon ponies often.


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How are you also do you do some art-trades
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I'm fine. You?
And I've done Art Trades before, but at the moment, I don't have time.
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Do you want to RP together?
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Paragon-Yoshi Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2015
Heya. I think your art is amazing. Great work. : 3

BTW: I see you seem to like Freedom Planet as well.
We have a comic open for a collabs.
And we need a sketcher to get perfect anatomy.
Would you be interested?

Don't worry, only the fine sketching.
Storyboard, lineart, coloring, etc. other`s will do.

Needless to say, it's your call.
Continue being awesome. : 3
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