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[Note: I watched the UK version of this Direct, so I might've saw a few different things than the US.]

Long time no see you lot.
    So at long last, another Nintendo Direct came out and it was... fine. Nothing necessarily wrong with it, but I was a bit surprised that they didn't pay tribute to Iwata a bit more in the beginning. I mean, I know it's not necessarily new news, but still. It was just a few lines and then the entire direct. But I digress. Lets get on with what I thought about the games they showed.
    Now I won't go through every game they showed off; only a certain amount I have any words on and others, I'm just watching it.

Zelda: Twilight Princess HD: There was quite a bit of evidence to it and now... we're getting it. Hopefully people who enjoyed it before, continue to enjoy it, though I hear most people are rather meh on the game in its entirety... but still it's happening.
Also, that Wolf Link+Midna Amiibo looks pretty awesome, and I'm liking that bundle. In fact, I swear there were quite a lot of bundle announcements in this Direct. (Available: 4th March 2015)
Zelda Wii U: (Coming: 2016)
Zelda Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks: (Available: 19th November 2015)
Zelda: Tri Force Heroes: It's getting some updates and they look good. One of my friends is considering getting the game, but I haven't to be honest. Nothing against the game, but I just haven't payed much interest in it as I'm not the biggest Zelda fan.
The updates are basically two new costumes for the Links and a new location. The costumes are 'Linebeck's Uniform' and 'Fierce Deity Armour', and the new location is the 'Den of Trials'. (Update Available: 3rd March 2015)
Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Bros.: More footage on this, though we didn't seem to get that much new info. Maybe a few new looks on the overworld and some new enemies in battle, but that's it.
The main new feature they showed off was the Battle Cards system. It's no Chain of Memories, but they basically do... something like upping your attack power temporarily. You can get even more (and exclusive ones) by scanning in Amiibo too.
I still get annoyed when I see Amiibo stuff on the 3DS because only the New 3DS naturally has the Amiibo scanner and I still think the system should've had it to begin with. (Available: 4th December 2015)
Splatoon: Getting more updates. More weapons, costumes and stages. Still looking good and all. The new stages are simply ones with rotating platforms near the centre of the stage and the other has a slowly lowering water level. Don't enter it though; you'll die... which baffles me to be honest. I thought squids could swim... Video game. (Update Available: 13th November 2015 (Basically today))
Super Mario Maker: I don't know why this wasn't done to begin with. Furthermore, on even the game itself. It's a search function for stages created and it has lots of filters too such as Game Style, Course Theme, Location, etc. You can apparently save the code and play it later on Mario Maker. Also has a Mobile version of the website. No opening date for this website yet, but I still wonder why this wasn't in the game or a thing to begin with.
Xenoblade Chronicles X: I'm not a really big Xenoblade person, so I can only say so much here. I mean... it looks good and has nice bundles. (Available: 4th December 2015)
Fact Racing Neo: And my first guess is that this is a spiritual successor to F-Zero. Looks really cool. Very fast it seems. (Available: December 2015)
Typoman: Now this one actually piqued my interest quite a bit. A puzzle-solving, platform game where you have to move letters to other letters to form words and cause something to happen such as spelling 'Down' moves a certain object close by downwards. I just thought it was an interesting concept. (Available: 19th November 2015)
Steamworld Heist: (Available: December 2015)
Nintendo Badge Arcade: Well... it's an arcade you can play where you can gain badges to stylise your 3DS home menu. Seems fine. Don't know if I'd pay real money to play it, but there's also free practice tries a day... Nothing really against it, but it's just there to me. By the way, that bunny's funny. (Available: Now)
Pokemon Picross: Just a puzzle game though looking at the footage, I didn't exactly understand how it all worked. Basically, you're tapping spaces until you eventually find a Pokemon with the tiles (in the form of a picture) and then you can catch that Pokemon and use whatever ability they have for other puzzles in the game. Looks like a fine time-killer, but that's it. (Available: Early December 2015)
Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow: Why isn't this in colour? Especially Yellow. (Available: 27th February 2016)
Final Fantasy Explorers: An Action RPG type of Final Fantasy with MMO elements. Looks fine, but I'm not really down for MMO type of games. Though I'll say, it has a pretty awesome looking bundle. Though I'm probably sayng this because it has an artbook alongside it, and I'm usually down for those kinds of things. (Available: 29th January 2016)
Megaman Legacy Collection: (Available: 23rd February 2016)
Pokken Tournament: I don't really pay attention to Pokken Tournament due to my lack of interest, but the newest thing here is Shadow Mewtwo. I mean... alright. What happened to normal Mewtwo? Maybe an evil organisation or something. I don't know.
Also slightly off the direct, but I liked how one of the recent trailers of Pokken Torunament pretty much had Lucario doing the Hadouken intro of Street Fighter II. So now he's a Ryu (and Blaziken's a... Ken)?
(Available: Spring 2016)
Star Fox Zero: More Star Fox Zero and it's still going well. I don't feel like we got that much new news to be honest, but nice to get something on the game's development and that we got a tiny bit more info on some of the different forms of vehicles besides the normal Arwing and Walkers. (Available: April 2016)
Lucas for Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U (Available: Early 2016)
Resseti, Blathers, Celeste and Kicks for Animal Crossing (Available: Early 2016)
Isabelle, Digby, K.K., Mabel, Tom Nook, Lottie, Reese and Cyrus for Animal Crossing (Available: 20th November 2015)
Pokemon: Super Mystery Dungeon: (Available: 19th February 2016)
Hyrule Warriors Legends: I'm not a big Dynasty Warriors follower to be honest, but I liked what they showed and confirmed for this game. We knew someo f the upcoming characters like Tetra, King of Hyrule (Wind Waker) and Skull Kid, but now we can confirm one newcomer: Linkle (aka. Female Link). Not kidding. Using crossbows as her main weapon and it looks pretty awesome. They showed some footage of her and stated that she could have Spin Kicks as a Super Move of hers. Lastly, this game has a compass as part of this game's bundle. It's not much, but I love it. (Available: 25th March 2016)
Bravely Second: End Layer: Not much I can say about this since I lack the interest, but again... nice bundle. (Available: Q1 2016)
Dragon Quest VII and VIII: (Available: 2016)
Fire Emblem: Fates ~ Birthright/Conquest/Revelation: So we're essentially getting a Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow treatment. Birthright and Conquest are the main versions and Revelation is the extra one with more different sides to the story. Apparently you can get all three at some point too, which is nice. I sometimes prefer to know all the other scenarios. I still want to get Awakening before Fates... (No Release Date yet)

Now for the final one. Now in the American version, Reggie would say that 'We have one more this to show'. In the English version, Satoru Shibata just ended it. If I didn't hear audio after, I would've just went off, though I should be trained to know that there is sometimes something after the 'end' of the Direct.
So the super awesome special end? Something Smash Bros. of course:
Cloud: Storms into Battle!: Did not expect this at all. I'm not even a Final Fantasy player to be perfectly honest (though I have been interested) and I only know him really from Kingdom Hearts, but still. This is awesome! Not gonna lie, not the best intro though. I don't know, I just thought it looked boring. When 'Final Fantasy VII' came up, I was pretty much like 'No way' before Cloud showed up and from there, my jaw dropped. 
But I'll calm down now and tell you what I think of his trailer, what I noticed and whatever.
    So it's another sword fighter unfortunately, but he seems to have some interesting traits to him. Well he looks like a rather heavy character with great power due to his Buster Sword. I saw a few standard attacks and aerials, and he has a spiking move too. So that's nice to know.
    I was mainly trying to identify what Special Moves were what, really. I noticed he had a sword swipe projectile, something akin to Cross-Slash, a simply Up-B which looks like you can decide whether it comes back down like Ike or Kirby's Up-B. He also seemed to use spells in one instance, but I'm not sure if that's like I don't know, a Down-B or just a taunt... which I doubt it is.
    Now the thing that makes Cloud very interesting is his Limit Break, but I don't know how that works here. In FF7, it happened when you were attacked enough. So I suppose that's the same here...? The main thing I realise though form the trailer is that the aura of the Limit Break disappears after one hit which seems to imply that the Limit Break is a one time use each time, and even change the effects of moves such a a blue projectile instead of green, and a much higher recovery height. I don't know what the limits are to this Limit Break (no pun intended). Like what moves will work with Limit Break and which won't. What the damage scaling even is.
    I also wonder if he'll use any elements like Fire? Aero? Well at one point, it definitely seemed like he used an Aero spell.
    Well one thing's for sure, he has Omni-Slash as his Final Smash. Looks cool, but nothing we haven't seen before to me... besides that absolutely massive explosion at the end. Looks like it fills all of Final Destination.
    The last thing to talk about with Cloud is... not Cloud, but his stage: Midgar. Now this stage may look like Battlefield at first glance... but it's not. Actually a lot of things seem to happen here. We seem to see many different monsters appear on the battlefield at certain points and completely change the way the stage works such as cutting it in half, causing floods, electricity, fire, all that. It looks insane and fun to play on.
    Also, we'e getting Chocobo Mii Fighter costumes. Just want to get that out there.
(No Release Date Yet)

That's it though. All of my opinions (if I had any) on the games shown in this Nintendo Direct. Rather standard direct and I suppose everyone was surprised with Cloud at the end... or not. There's the salty bunch out there, but don't worry. I really don't think this is the Ballot winner because Cloud looks way too complete. The Ballot only ended a month or so ago, and I doubt a character would be finished in such a short amount of time.

But I'll see you all next time. Ciao.
- GamefreakDX


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Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen. I'm GamefreakDX. Not a very imaginative name, but anyway, I'm just here to draw and stuff. Mostly safe stuff, so don't worry about finding anything NSFW though I do draw quite a bit of macro and giant stuff because Sonic CD has Time Travels.
Most of my inspirations are from Video Games, people related to Video Games, or things surrounding Video Games... and maybe the occasional random artist. Usually over at Nintendo is where I gain my inspirations.
Anyway, feel free to traverse through my art. Give a comment, fav it, and even watch me for more art and stuff, if you wish. Also feel free to find me on Skype (GamefreakDX), but warning... I'm very untalkative.
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