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Our Armageddon is Her Pleasure-Chapter 3
As Vivian expanded outward, her little servants were pushed further back by her bare feet. The ones between her toes clinging to dear life so they would remain where they stood. City block upon city block was not only pushed aside by her feet, but also her jean-clad behind. The now gigantic mass pushing everything aside for it to inhabit the area. Once where trees stood level with her boots now did not reach her ankles. Vivian smirks to herself, watching destruction unfold without her even moving.
"You! Down below by my feet! I want you all to climb up to my chest where I can see you better! Make the journey from one end of me to the other!"
The people look at eachother for only a brief moment, now fully aware not to disobey this titan that had taken over their lives. The ones upon her toes got a good head start, three of them running over the top of her foot and up her ankle. The two on the right foot jump and climb the denim up her leg, while the third on the left simply walks under
:iconcolossalwitch:ColossalWitch 14 3
Our Armageddon is Her Pleasure-Chapter 2
Standing high above the tree line, the top leaves of the trees no higher than the tops of Vivian’s black combat boots, Vivian smiles down at the 15 people who “chose” to stay with her. Vivian cracks her fingers and leans down, bringing her black lipped smile down.
“Now! You’re all going to be my personal servants for the time being! I’m going to ask you to do things, and you’re going to do them for me!”
Vivian notices one of the people start to run away, the roughly 170 foot giantess leans forward and slams her massive hand down horizontally in front of him. The nameless little human looks up in pure fear as his escape attempt is cut short by the woman’s simple movement of her hand.
“Oh, dear. We can have that! No! You’re going to be the first one to go! I’m sorry nameless citizen number three hundred and forty-two, but you’ve been voted off the island!”
With feline quickness, Vivian moves her hand from
:iconcolossalwitch:ColossalWitch 19 3
Our Armageddon is Her Pleasure-Chapter 1
Vivian was a girl of 22, standing at a towering 7'7", and in a famous punk rock band from the planet she is from. But among these traits, the greatest of all is the power she posseses and her useage of these aforementioned powers. One dull afternoon, on an alternate version of Earth, Vivian sat on a park bench texting on her phone, mouthing every word she typed.
"Eeyeah. Totally. This place is going to be reshaped, and no one even suspects it. The planet has no form of interstellar travel, it hasen't heard of any of us. Going to get going now, talk to you later."
Placing the phone in her pocket, she stood up and looked around. Her natural height giving her a nice scope of the people around her. The pale girl grinned and snapped her fingers. The sound echoed around the city block, most people paying attention stopping to look around, only to see Vivian rising above the tree line. Her black combat boot's above the trees as she places her hands on her jean-clad hips with a grin. She spoke
:iconcolossalwitch:ColossalWitch 23 3
New Astraea by Stratozpherez New Astraea :iconstratozpherez:Stratozpherez 315 28 Vivian: Dawn of the Colossal Witch by Daiyoukai-sama Vivian: Dawn of the Colossal Witch :icondaiyoukai-sama:Daiyoukai-sama 155 15 Mio: Sightseeing - Staying on the temple by Daiyoukai-sama Mio: Sightseeing - Staying on the temple :icondaiyoukai-sama:Daiyoukai-sama 177 18



[UPDATE] More E3 Impressions below a bit beyond Nintendo's part too.
Aloha everyone!

The Nintendo E3 Direct just ended and now, it's time for me to give my opinions on the whole thing. I had my Cosmog and Mario Hat ready, and talked with one of my friends on Discord while watching it~
Just to keep in mind, I'm watching the UK version of the Direct.
First of all, what I thought of the Direct.
I thought it was good. It was just game trailers upon game trailers. Most of which were games being released later this year, which is good and all. Something to look forward to for those who have a Nintendo Switch.
It was pretty quick, however, there wasn't much for me. Partly because I don't have a Switch yet. So sad.

Too bad the Direct wasn't very long. Around 24 minutes long.
But I'm looking forward to the Invitationals later for Splatoon 2 and ARMS.

Now for the games in order of appearance.
Xenoblade Chronicles 2: I'm not a Xenoblade fan at all; I haven't looked into the story of the first game and this seems to be a sequel to that game.
It looks interesting, but that's as much as I can say about it. I'd comment on the character designs, which look nice, but I can't say much more.
The girl interests me the most. Only because she seems to be the sword... At least I'm pretty sure. They look remarkably similar.
Released Winter 2017

Kirby 2018: Hey look, a new Kirby game. These are getting more common, aren't they?
It's what I expected, but it's cool when Kirby throws Hearts at enemies and makes them your allies. Even make towers of them.
Seems like different allies can perform different things too like the Waddle Dee with a Parasol can stop small waterfalls. Also Wispy Woods is pissed. So many Apples!
Unfortunately, I might skip out on this one too. Nothing against the Kirby series, but I guess after Super Star Ultra and a few other titles, I stopped playing Kirby.

Pokemon: Well they don't tell us much and we know Pokken Tournament DX is coming out soon. But they also tell us a core Pokemon RPG game is coming to the Nintendo Switch. Doubt it's Sun and Moon though.
I don't know why the Pokemon Direct happened at all though. That was only 8 minutes long, but I guess they didn't want to have 8 minutes dedicated to one franchise here.

Metroid Prime 4: It's... It's happening. It's in development. People be shitting themselves.

Yoshi 2018: Another Yoshi game that has the style of Yarn Yoshi, but has less Yoshi transformations. I'm getting a lot of Yoshi's Story flashbacks, but I don't know because we can't see any HUD. But it's not like there's any Babies, so maybe just a normal HP Bar.
There's flipping mechanics which I'm not sure what to make of. Two sides of Level Design maybe?
Beyond that, the game still looks super cute and the graphics looks nice. Seems to have a environment style of Paper Mario Colour Splash if you ask me.
Looks lifeless though, but I'll give it the benefit of the doubt that it's a Work In Progress.

Fire Emblem Warriors: I don't care about Dynasty Warriors, but it looks like it's going well at least. I'll likely look at the story when it's out and see what's up.
Seeing characters from Awakening and Fates and Marth, but... why just those games? I'm not even that big of a FE fan, but still Hyrule Warriors had characters from all over the series (even with DLC), so what's this game's excuse?
Released Autumn 2017

Zelda: So first and foremost, Zelda cameos and stuff will appear in the Switch version of Skyrim. Glorious.
But there's DLC for Breath of the Wild and they all look fine. I can't say much because I don't own the game and the style of Zelda they're going with is not the kind of game I play.
Trial of the Sword, Hero's Path Mode, New Armour, Korok Mask and Master Mode are the things to be included in this first Expansion Pack. Released on 30th June 2017
The second Expansion Pack was also teased. Something about the Champions of Hyrule. Released Winter 2017
Also, Amiibos of the Champions of Hyrule are being made.

Mario+Rabbids: Kingdom Battle: This is still a thing being made. Uh, yeah.
I mean, if the game's good, it's good, but it's not what I'm looking for with a Mario crossover game. Not like Mario and Sonic did it any better either.
Released 29th August 2017

Rocket League: Released Winter 2017

Super Mario Odyssey: The last thing they showed off was the trailer to the new Mario game and it's still looking great. I thought I was looking at a Monster Hunter game at first.
Turns out Mario can use his specialised cap to control other things around him. Enemies, random Objects and even Humans! It gets pretty surreal.
The game still looks great, the environments looks so bright and varied and I'm not forgetting it's Mario game just based on how wacky everything looks. Mario even changes clothes like he did in Mario Party 2.
A bit upset that it's still going with the Super Mario 3D Land style, but I'll live.
Also, that vocal track that they played in the trailer? Glorious!
I'm shocked that there's a vocal track in a Mario game to be honest.
Released 27th October 2017
Now for a few other games that weren't revealed in the Direct and were shown after it all, amongst other things.
Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga+Bowser's Minions: I recall hearing rumours that Superstar Saga was getting a remake and... here we are. It doesn't seem to be just that though based on the fact that we can at points, play as Bowser's Minions.
I'm not entirely sure if Bowser's Minions' portions are minigames or things integrated into the plot. At least maybe a set of side missions that happen during the game? I've never actually played Superstar Saga, so I may pick this one up.
I'm reminded of Bowser's Inside Story though with Bowser's Minions. I mean, sounds like a no-brainer, but I mean the way the Goombas and whatnot move about and attack their enemies.
Released 6th October 2017

Metroid: Samus Returns: Man, I don't know when this was revealed (not like I knew when M&L SS+BM was revealed either), but we're getting two Metroid games!?
This one seems to be based on Metroid 2 for the Game Boy, which... might explain the reason for AM2R's take down by Nintendo.
Everything stylised in 3D and actually in colour (AM2R doesn't count) and even giving Samus new moves.
It seems she has a lock-on feature and can even do Reaction Command-like moves to the Metroids she faces throughout the game.
Released 15th September 2017

Splatoon 2 World Inkling Invitational: So, I didn't expect myself to do this, but I decided to stay for the full 3 hours of the Invitational when I should've been sleeping.
I thought it was pretty entertaining and it was nice to see the game in action for a long time and seeing professionals play the game, which I've never seen before. Some of that skill in manoeuvring, aiming, amongst other things was pretty cool to see.
America's team (Deadbeat) won. Congrats to them, though I was rooting for Japan's team (Dynameu).
And that's it on Nintendo's side. It wasn't as much, but at least they showed games upon games upon games.
Not as good as 2013's Direct, but I thought it was passable.

But I wanted to talk about a couple of other E3 things that caught my interest and what I thought about them.
Shantae: Half-Genie Hero: Risky Queen's Quest: Now this looks pretty great and it's what I expected from Risky's gameplay. I'm more interested in her story and what she's been doing over the course of this game beyond resting in her bathtub.
Also interested in her voice because the entire game is voiced by one person, Cristina Vee.
Unfortunately, for the time being, I may pass on this one. I want to sell my Wii U actually and then get a Nintendo Switch which Half-Genie Hero is on now.

Kingdom Hearts III: We got a new trailer! Seeing more action, story... if anyone cares about that.
The action looks remarkably similar to Kingdom Hearts too, but unless I'm mistaken, I thought there was more platforming this game compared to Kingdom Hearts II.
It seems Drive Forms of some sort are returning. Couldn't tell, but Sora entered a "Second Form". No, that's what it was called.
Magic was used, we saw the Organisation again, all the stuff we're used to. So what about trying to get back Roxas?
Unfortunately, still no release date, BUT they say they have a new trailer being shown off next month. Shouldb e interesting.

Dragon Ball Fighter Z: This game is being made by the same team as the ones who did Guilty Gear and just by looking at the graphics, it's pretty obvious. The cell-shaded and stiff movements like in an anime, it looks great.
I'm not a DBZ fan in the slightest, I couldn't care about it; believe me, the only reason why I have any interest in this, is because it has similarities to Marvel vs Capcom 2 and 3. 3v3 matches, Super Meter going up to Level 5s and so on.
It's very flashy, like DBZ too. I just wonder if Guilty Gear is any similar; I've never really watched Guilty Gear in action, so...
Released Early 2018

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite: Oookay, so we got new trailers for this game. A Gameplay trailer and a Story trailer.
You know, I just hope the story is at least decent. The characters look alright, though some of their faces like Captain America's look weird. I'll give it a benefit of the doubt though; Injustice 2 when it was revealed had pretty weird faces too.
We got a look at Dante, Rocket Racoon, Doctor Strange, Arthur, Spencer, Nova, Zero and Thanos. For the most part, they all look cool, but I'm not a fan of all their voices. Going from Marvel 3 to Marvel Infinite, most of the characters sound so bored. Doctor Strange and Arthur were the standout examples.
The graphics look better, there's more depth in the shading, but I'm not fully down with the way Capcom are handling things in regards to difficulty of the game.
Not so much in AI difficulty or something. More like the controls and how they're simplified. Even I'm pretty crap at Fighting Games, but I dislike having a game so lowered in difficulty because then what's the point in learning it?
Some changes include being able to perform combos with one button which is dumb or performing a Hyper Combo with a single button, which I also dislike, but on a lesser scale.
Like they want to ease new players in, but their way of doing it isn't just by giving us tutorials or something, they're making controls super simple and beyond Street Fighter 5. I just at least hope this can be disabled for Online Play.
But hey, the Reality Stone looks cool. I didn't know this, but the Stones are actually from Marvel Super Heroes.
Released 19th September 2017
Also, that Character Select screen and the Roster? Disgusting. I just hope there'll be as many characters as Marvel 3 at least.

Sonic Forces: I still believe this game will do well and all, but I'm still super concerned about the game's tone in terms of the story. I mean, I don't have a reason to see this game being any sorts of cheery and humorous like say, Sonic Colours.
The gameplay seems to check out sorta. I'd still argue that Classic Sonic's portions are too blocky in Level Design and I'm not a fan of its music being too Mega Drive-like. But we got to see a boss from Classic Sonic too. Wasn't anything amazing to me, but it was nice to see the Egg Dragoon back.
Modern Sonic looked fine, though as far as I remember, a bit too boring in Level Design, and the Hero Character's parts were alright.
So that story. Again, I'm concerned about the tone of the game, but look at all those villains coming back. Or anti-heroes. Something like that.
Shadow? Chaos? Zavok? You guys didn't die? Or well, Shadow is the exception, sorta, but anyway, this new villain looks pretty cool. A bit strange, but nothing out of the ordinary. Kinda reminded of a certain character in Little Witch Academia.
Released Holiday 2017
And now that's totally it from me.
Tell me what you thought below, I'm curious. I'm only one person after all.

In the mean time, take care!
- GamefreakDX


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
Nice to meet you! My name’s Jack. Online name: GamefreakDX. Sometimes shortened to GFreak or Game.
I’m just a British 19 year old person with a Chinese background who draws for fun mostly. Those drawings typically include things related to Gaming, Anime and Giant Girls (aka. Giantess).
Most of these drawings are more of the SFW type. I’ve delved into NSFW before, but they’re rare.

I'm also a fan of Yuri. Um, Soft Yuri. Not exactly the hentai stuff. *ahem*

Please feel free to traverse through my gallery, and I hope you enjoy what you see.

Main Language: English
Side Language: Cantonese/廣東話 (識講小小)
Studying Language: Japanese/日本語 (下手です)

What would you think if I suddenly drew Yuri (Female x Female)? And not regularly, either. 

76 deviants said That'd be nice. Yes!
22 deviants said I don't really care either way.
13 deviants said Ew, Yuri? No! (Now when's the next Giantess drawing?)


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