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At last. The game is out. I wanted to play majority of the game before I made a full review. This game actually isn't as big as say, Melee or Brawl. So this review will probably be shorter.
So... Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS. No extra name. It's technically just called Super Smash Bros. For me, in short I call it Smash 3D and Smash HD (for the Wii U). You know, this game seems to be missing quite a few things that made other games like Melee ad Brawl so good. Like they still have things like a handicap setting and all, but one big thing they missed I think was the intro, and no the tutorial video doesn't count. Up until now, we've had an intro whether completely CG or in game footage. I very well know that the 3DS could handle such a thing. Kid Icarus Uprising had an intro and this game even had a tutorial. So what's the excuse?
Those are mostly minor issues though... for me at least. Usually I'd go into tournaments just for fun, but really at that point, I could just play Smashes or Single Player modes.
Smash mode doesn't have as many options like I said before, which personally doesn't hurt me too much, but you can still set it to Stock matches or something. Oddly enough though, with items, you can't change the frequency of them. I don't get why they'd remove such a feature. I don't mind that in Classic Mode. You know, it's always been like that, but I think my biggest problem with the items are how over powered some are. Especially the Gust Bellows because you can easily KO someone with it, or KO items. I know you can escape them, but I personally don't think 1 Hit KO items should appear at all in this kind of game.
In this game, you actually have a large cast of characters. You start with 39 characters out of 51, which makes this game with the lowest amount of unlockable characters, 12. And they are all easy to get to be honest. I think stage unlocking is harder to do in this game actually. The only weird thing is the empty space of the character and stage select screen. It looks like there should be a few more, but no. There isn't. Or at least not yet. I heard there might be DLC.
I think the roster's completely fine. There's no Ice Climbers though due to the 3DS restrictions, but I'll let that pass. Still a shame though. I do think the roster's most balanced though from what I've played and even heard. Although I do think there are some characters that are just a bit too powerful. Like I think Bowser's a bit too strong in this game and worse now he's faster in movement. Otherwise, I do think veterans have been buffed or de-buffed... for better or worse. I think mostly for the better.
The thing I like most about the new characters are how gimmicky some are. Like Mega Man's mostly all ranged as a fighter, or Little Mac being OP on the ground, but awful in the air.
While I find the roster fine, I can't say the same with the stages. There are some original stages in this game, but I don't like the way they've used Melee or Brawl instead of completely new stages. Like the Metroid, Sonic, Wario, etc. series haven't got new stages. I personally hope that they're just place-holders for Stage DLCs, but I don't think that might happen to be honest...
At least some of the stages have new music added to them, which by the way, I think this game's OST is magnificent. I mean it's a Smash Bros. game. We kinda all expected it to be great. The Official Soundtrack isn't out yet, but I kinda wished it was, but even then, you have to be part of Club Nintendo (which for some reason, I can't log in at all). Why don't they put these songs on iTunes or something. Pokemon X and Y did it. Why can't this game do the same thing?
There's still a lot to do in the Single Player mode. There's the classic, er, Classic Mode, which I think works better here with its multiple routes. All-Star mode where you fight every character in the game (provided that you've unlocked them). There's Stadium with a few little mini-games which I think are pretty fun. There's the Multi-Man games which it's pretty much beat them all up in this little challenge (fortunately, no 15 minute Smash. good lord...). Target Blast is a different take on the Break the Targets game from previous games. It's pretty fun. Basically attack the bomb and then attack it into the structures in front. Very much like Angry Birds. Home Run Contest is the same. Hit the Sandbag as many times as possible and then launch it with the Home Run Bat. Definitely easier though since the barrier is harder to break.
Then, there's Smash Run. I don't think this is the best mode in the game, but I think it's fine as it is. I just wished there was a bit more customisation in this game. You can't do much in a 1 minute match, thank you. Otherwise, I just like to beat up the enemies in the giant Battlefield. Maybe it gets a bit too chaotic at times, but if you increase some of your stats enough, especially your Defence, then you should be able to get through complete fine.
All of these modes are fun in their own ways, and they should keep you occupied for the most part. If not, then try out Online mode. It's as simple as it sounds. Playing online with either your friends or random people. I personally go with Random People, Glory, 1-on-1. It's fun and all, but there is occasional lag or some button lag which prevents me from playing as well as I would normally. I haven't tried any 4 player matches yet though. Nor have I played the game locally yet. I normally prefer to play duels.
Challenges should also keep you busy. They're a good way of unlocking stuff... but that's about it for me. I'll probably try to complete a few boards when I can be bothered to.
Speaking of unlocking stuff, you can also customise your character here in this game. You can unlock customisation pieces for specific characters to increase their attack power, speed, or defence, or even change their Specials entirely. They aren't the easiest things to unlock and you can only use them when playing with friends anyway. They make for some interesting matches though. It's just a shame that most of the moves don't look very different from each other. Like a void Aura Sphere instead of a normal Aura Sphere. Characters like Mega Man and Palutena have different moves though. I suppose their games have a bit more variety in their weapons and stuff, but still... Like I don't know, give Mario Ice Ball instead of Fire Balls.
You yeah. That's about it. My thoughts on the new Smash Bros. game. Mostly positive, but this game could use some work. I personally think it plays better than Brawl, but in terms of stages, I think it could do with more original ones. Otherwise, get the game. It may take a while to get used to the 3DS controls, but they're perfectly fine. Just don't go nuts with the Circle Pad. Especially with a normal 3DS. It might break bit easier based on what I've seen.
I'll give this game an 8.5/10.
That's it for this review, but I thought I'd like to go over my mains just... 'cause.
So all of my Brawl mains are still in this game. Mario has especially been buffed. Very good at racking up damage because of combos and then going from there. Pit is good. Maybe a bit slower I think, but I think he's pretty powerful still. Mr. Game & Watch has gotten faster on ground, but I find that his attacks have a gotten a bit... slower. Like a bit more lag time between moves. I'm still not the biggest fan of his new look. Lucario's definitely gotten better. At high damage, he can deal serious damage. I think with that damage though, I can seem to recover a bit easier, and his recovery also does damage!
As for newcomer maining? Well I'm trying to get the hang of Duck Hunt Duo, Pac-Man, Robin and Rosalina & Luma. Pac-Man is fine and all. I especially like to use his Down Special. Duck Hunt Duo... my God, they're strong. Someone even used him against me. His Zoning abilities? Annoying, man! Annoying. Rosalina & Luma are also powerful. Maybe a bit too powerful. Apparently they're the top of the top tiers, I think. I guess they really have taken the Ice Climbers spot. Robin is pretty awesome to use. Lots of Tomes, but like Rosalina, I think the concept of losing some of the things that make you stronger is a good idea, but it doesn't last for long. I don't even realise that I lose my book when I run out of Tomes. Funnily enough though, people either find him top tier, or low tier. We'll just have to wait and see.
Anyway, that's it from me. I'll see you all later.
- GamefreakDX


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Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen. I'm GamefreakDX. Not a very imaginative name, but anyway, I'm just here to draw... Mainly pony stuff because I'm a brony, even though I don't actually talk about it much. Feel free to traverse though my gallery of art.

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I do RP, but not very commonly. And if you want to know what I like or dislike doing in RPs, it's this:
- I am up for anything in RPs besides anything erotic.
- I personally hate RPing with canon characters since I'm not the best replicating characters' personalities.
- I usually like an RP to go somewhere like a story. If it doesn't, then I may end up saying it's bad or leaving it all together.
That's about it. Keep that in mind, thank you.

Random Time!

Why did I get a YouTube account?
Inniatially, I wanted to be a person on YouTube that uploads trailer videos- games and stuff. But then I ended up making all sorts of other game videos like Lets Plays and Reviews. As of recently, it's been the place where I upload my music, which is mostly game related.

Why did I join DeviantART?
I can't remember on the top of my head. I'll just say word-of-mouth, I saw Brony art and wanted to join in. Started off... quite badly honestly, but I persevered and now I'm also drawing more humanoid things which I'm getting better at. I didn't actually chose art for my GCSEs because according to a few people... it doesn't teach you that much art. I chose Graphics though which I liked. Now I'm doing an Art course in college...

Why did I join Soundcloud?
I joined Soundcloud because I wanted a better way to upload my music. I never chose music in GCSE. In fact, I never really showed much interest in music, but then I listened to some music from the Brony community and that... somehow, lead me to like more game music. Most of the musical work I do is chiptune and soundfonts. I'm not exactly good at it though, so don't expect epic stuff out of me.

When did I start animating?
Not long ago honestly. I just loved animations of like game characters or TV shows animations. Noticeably My Little Pony Friendship is Magic and Super Mario Bros. Z. Love them. Absolutely love them. I'm learning Flash now. Not easy, but I'm enjoying it so far. Plan to make primarily Sprite Animations.

How did I become a Brony?
I became a brony by watching an April Fools Sonic F. It was Camaraderie is Supernatural. I ended up liking the video and parody. So I decided to watch the original episode... and I really liked it. Well written, well animated and... great almost everything. I do think though, since Season 2 (when Lauren Faust left), the writing in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has gone down a bit and since Season 3... I haven't focused much on this show at all actually. I've moved on to other series in video games and on YouTube. I still draw ponies... and giant ones, yes, but it's not like I draw the canon ponies often.


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