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Hello everyone.
So this Direct happened recently, and I wanted to give my thoughts on the whole thing. I'll be doing them in order, but not not every part may be extremely long based off how cool or okay it was for me.
By the way, I didn't expect the announcer to be the narrator for this Direct. It was pretty cool.
1- Default Character Line Up is something that actually kinda surprised me. The 3DS game started you with 36 characters. The Wii U game has 40 starting characters. I only found it surprising because I didn't expect the rosters to be different in a sense of which characters you start with and the amount of unlockables. Oh well. Still pretty cool.
2- Resolution Simply talking about the HD graphics of the Wii U game compared to the 3DS game, and you know, we know that. The 3DS doesn't have a HD screen. No way.
3- 8-Player Smash/4- Bigger Stages Is something I'm not so amazed by, although I will say that it does make battles much more different than 4-player ones and such. On top of that, they've enlarged some other stages. For example, Battlefield. That one with 3 extra platforms now holds 6 extra platforms.
5- Danger Zone It did actually appear in the 3DS game too in some of Smash Run's final races. It works slightly differently here. Gives you damage, but touch it at 100%+ KOs you. I thought it was... a good idea at least. The main stage they showed it off in was The Great Cave Offensive from Kirby Super Star. Pretty sweet stage by the way. Although it is pretty massive and tight. Since there are little KO zones in that stage though, it makes the stage much different compared to others, which I like.
6- Dual-Plane Battling I really like this. So far, they only showed it in 1 stage: Jungle Hijinxs. Basically entering a cannon to switch planes. I think that's a really cool idea. Although on the plane further back, you can get launched easier. Makes sense if you look at the game, but I could imagine it would affect some people's play style.
7- Number of Stages Um... tons of stages. That's all I'll say. They look really good and all.
8- Miiverse Stage Uh... a Battlefield in the style of Miiverse. I honestly don't see the point in it.
9- Palutena's Guidence You know, I was really hoping this would be in Smash 3DS. Since it wasn't made me think that it wouldn't happen at all. I mean even Star Fox got the Smash Taunts again. This made me so happy to hear this was in the Wii U version though. I loved their conversations in Kid Icarus: Uprising, and I can't wait to hear them talking again in this game. My question is, does this only work on Pit? I mean, Palutena's a Kid Icarus character too. Why can't she get the Smash Taunt too?
10- Metal Face One of the villains of Xenoblade Chronicles is going to be a Boss Character in Guar Plains. It's a shame he's not in the 3DS version, but at least my guess was right that he'd be a Boss Character. He seems to do quite a lot. Even destroy the freaking terrain. It only happens at night, and he can be destroyed. Don't know if destroying him does anything else besides removing him from the match.
11- Ridely No, he isn't playable, but the closest thing to it. In Pyrosphere, Ridley can appear and attack the fighters, but attack him enough and he'll fight by your side! If you KO him, he'll give you a score. Pretty nice of him I'll say. He can also turn into Meta Ridley, but I don't know how honestly. I just know he's more powerful in that form. Seriously, looking at this game and Ridley? Yeah, he's too big.
12- Coin Battles Alright, so... that mode from Brawl is returning... Well I played it a bit in Brawl, but just to get that one challenge completed. If any of you really enjoyed this mode, then more power to you, but I'll stick with Stock Matches, thanks.
13- Stamina Battles Want to make Smash Bros. a bit more of a traditional fighting game? Then go to Stamina Mode, which is part of Special Smashes.
14- Special Smash Well this is returning, and I think it has more options. Particularly in the Body section. You know, just mess around in there. It won't effect something like your Global Smash Power, so it doesn't matter much.
15- Item Frequency Good to see this return. Why wasn't this in the 3DS game? Even if I usually go on For Glory anyway...
16- My Music/17- Menu Music/18- Tons of Music So much music to listen to! I can't wait to listen to them all. And yeah, obviously the amount of songs in the Wii U game beats the 3DS game by a long shot.
19- Composers Can't say much here, but that's a pretty damn big line up of people. Great music though guys, so thanks for them.
20- CDs A little collectable set you could get in Brawl is now returning. I'm down with that. Based off the footage we were given though, it kinda looks like the CDs last longer on stage now. Just hope that an AI doesn't get it or else it doesn't count...
21- Challenges Yup, they're returning. Tons of stuff to do. Please tell me there isn't more than one board of them...
22- Classic So the 3DS version took you through multiple paths to get to Master Hand and Crazy Hand. The Wii U game has you moving your trophy to a set of other trophies for battle with occasional intrusions before you reach the Final Bosses. Which one I personally prefer? I'm currently leaning on Smash 3DS's style, but I don't mind this set up. Also the Fiends Scale looks good here too, but I miss that Mario who'd react to the size of the monster before him, and the background does look a tiny bit blander than the 3DS game... sorta.
23- Clear Movies Well... they were cool and all, but they're too short for me to care too much. Maybe humorous sometimes, but that's about it.
24- All-Star Mode Pretty simple stuff and is similar to the 3DS one too, but this time, instead of going from old to new fighters, you go from new to old fighters... I don't know why they made this choice, but whatever. It's still All-Star.
25- Event Mode Similar to Melee and Brawl's event matches. I can't say much here, but it looks like the menu for the Events is different than previous games. Maybe you need different unlocking requirements to get to certain ones...?
26- Smash Tour This game's answer to 3DS's Smash Run. Now I actually liked Smash Run more than I thought, and this mode? It looks so awesome! It's basically like Mario Party and Smash Run mixed in a sense. You still have to build up your character's stats, but you collect characters throughout your tour and use them as your Stocks. So much will happen in the mode. Particularly seeing enemies pop up. My question is, is will we ever see the fighters actually fighting this enemies Subspace Emissary/Smash Run style? And how many turns will there be before the tour itself ends?
27- Target Blast A mode that appeared in the 3DS game and was an okay distraction, but the Wii U game gives us some different things. First off, the second round gives you a bigger bomb which can destroy more, but is harder to launch. And this version also gives you multiple maps.
28- Group Stadium Just to play some of the Stadium games with your friends either cooperatively or competitively. have fun.
29- Special Orders Now I'm loving the way this mode looks and works. Basically as means to unlock more stuff. In Master Orders, you get rewards by beating challenges and the harder the challenge, the better your reward will be. There is only ever 1 try though. I don't think you actually get to fight Master Hand though. In Crazy Orders though, you do! First though, you need to buy tickets. I assume you do that in Master Orders...? But the way this mode will work is trying to beat missions and getting rewards, but you can only take those rewards back with you if you beat Crazy Hand though. You choose when to do that though. I assume the more you play it, the better rewards you get and the stronger Crazy Hand is.
30- Master Fortress Oh goodness. As if the original fights in the 3DS game weren't hard, we now have this. Master Core will appear once again in the forms of Master Shadow, Edges, Beast, Giant... and then we have Fortress. Now at first, I thought this would be an even bigger version of Master Giant, but on the side and beating him that way, but no. You have to navigate through his uh... maze (sounds weird now that I think about it) and destroy the core that lurks inside him. Now here's a question: Is Master Core's forms going to go in the order stated above? You know, going backwards to what it was in the 3DS game?
31- Controllers/32- Gamecube Controller Adapter/33- Using the Nintendo 3DS as a Controller So many options... Well I'll stick with the Gamecube Controller, thanks. Otherwise, I'd try out the Wii U GamePad. By the way, how would 8-Player Smashes work if the GC Adapte only has 4 slots?
34- Connecting to Nintendo 3DS Basically sending your customised characters over. I suppose this is a good way to unlock stuff in the Wii U version quicker... I think.
35- Tons of Trophies/36- Final Smash Trophies/37- Trophy Box Yes, there are certainly tons of trophies. I do find it odd though that even Final Smash Trophies didn't appear in the 3DS game. What gives? I do like that there's the Trophy Box feature is a sense. It's nothing too dazzling, but I suppose it's good for ordering your trophies for that series.
38- Photo Studio This did appear in Brawl, but I barely ever used it. In fact, I didn't even realise it wasn't in the 3DS game. This mode though does give more options in what you can do. Rotating trophies, resizing them, etc. I still probably won't use it much.
39- Trophy Rush A simple mode and I only used it in the 3DS version a handful of times. Mainly to unlock some custom moves quicker... Not really that much quicker, but still. This time around, you can play with someone else though although it's more on the competitive side since you both have your own score and screw each other over.
40- Masterpieces Now I didn't mind their existence in Brawl, and I'm okay with them bringing them back here. A good way to sell your other games I suppose, even if they are classic and not exactly new games. The best new feature about this to me, is that selecting a game gives you the option to go to the eShop too! Why didn't this happen before?
41- Amiibos Little figures you collect so you can transfer your custom character's data from one to another console. Furthermore, increase their stats, make them smarter, etc. Seems okay enough, but not something I'm super stoked for. I will be getting a Lucario figure though whenever available.
42- Internet Connection/44- Friends & Tags Simple enough. It appeared in the 3DS version, so... yeah. They do mention about the Wii LAN Adapter which works on the Wii U version too, so that's good I guess. Also play something like Team Smashes with your friends too. Enjoy.
43- Automatic Notifications Alright, thanks for them.
45- Tourneys/46- Official Tourneys Something I miss in the 3DS version, but they do bring it back and they even got some Mario Kart 8 in it too. Setting up your own tournaments and playing them online and such. Also, using this as means to set up Official Tourneys. Pretty cool I'd say. Now 64 people can take part and not 32.
47- Wii U GamePad/48- Paint/49- Voice Chat It's alright. Can be used to show the TV screen or show the Damage Percentages. Take photos with it, decorate them, send them online, etc. Also Voice Chat... yeah, that's alright I guess. Can't be used during matches though, which is a bit of a bummer to me, but oh well.
50- Stage Builder I only used it in Brawl a number of times because I didn't really care about the mode. This game? It looks sweet. So many more options and you can draw your own terrain. This is awesome to me. It give you a bit more freedom in making these stages, and I love it.
51- Sharing (Yeah, it turns out it's just over 50) Just sharing stuff to friends or even across the world. Woo...?
The rest of the stream shows  some other modes and what the 3DS and Wii U version share. Still though. The Wii U has more. Much more. This does make me think though that the 3DS version was merely an experiment and a way to get people excited for the Wii U game.
One thing I did expect from this Direct though was the Tower of Smash. Just to see if that leak was real or not. Since it was never shown here, makes me think that it might've been fake.
The last thing they showed was a trailer. Bowser Jr. Clowns the Competition! Yeah. It wasn't Duck Hunt Duo, yet. You troll Sakurai... I don't know if it was just because I know the full roster of Smash Bros. now, but I thought that the trailer was a bit... boring. I thought the best bit was the moment when everyone saw the Koopalings come in and fight. btw, the setting reminds me of Mega Man's trailer.
... Actually that wasn't it.
52- Movies Watch them all in HD if you want to... even though I thought that it was in HD to begin with, but whatever. I like that it's in there. Again though, why wasn't it in the 3DS game?
53- Soundtest Promoting that Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U OST which I damn want, but I can't. Why can't it go on iTunes? Pokemon X and Y's OST got an iTunes release, why not this?
54- Mewtwo Is On The Way Oh boy... Oh boy... I hope Melee fans are happy. I'd be happier to see this if Melee and Mewtwo fans weren't so damn loud! I'd get this DLC anyway, you know, just for Smash Bros. and stuff, but it seems that you can only get it if you get both versions of Smash Bros. Very limiting I'd say. I really do hope it can be DLC we buy. And I don't think this is the last DLC character we'll see. Remember that Smash Bros. 3DS leak where it showed 4 DLC characters (One of which was Mewtwo)? It's possible that they might be real too now... Well you know, Mewtwo wasn't very good in Melee apparently. So I hope they buff him and all that stuff. Also, in Project M, was that REALLY Metwo's voice? And they didn't go for the obvious Mewtwo Strikes Back... Anyway, it's to be coming in Spring 2015...
Anyway, that's it. The Mewtwo part did make me go ugh a bit to be honest, and I know lots of you will get angry at me for this, but I blame Melee and Mewtwo fans for this as I said before. Like even Charizard who I think is overrated too, never got any BRING HIM BACK signs. Just shows how popular Mewtwo is for... some reason.
The stream otherwise was a good time and I couldn't sleep for the next few hours... It's a damn shame I don't have a Wii U yet, but I want to wait to see if there's a bundle of this game, a Wii U and the Gamecube Controller Adapters stuff. Even then, it may be unlikely I'll get one. So sad... We'll see though.
Until next time guys, bye.
- GamefreakDX


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