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Hello you all!
Just a little heads up, I'm actually going to Uni now starting tomorrow (21st September 2015). As a result, I have no idea how active I'll be. I'll likely still be online occasionally, but not anywhere near as often as usual. Same with my art.
I'll... see you all later.

- GamefreakDX
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Jack Lok
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen. I'm GamefreakDX. Not a very imaginative name, but anyway, I'm just here to draw and stuff. Mostly safe stuff, so don't worry about finding anything NSFW though I do draw quite a bit of macro and giant stuff because Sonic CD has Time Travels.
Most of my inspirations are from Video Games, people related to Video Games, or things surrounding Video Games... and maybe the occasional random artist. Usually over at Nintendo is where I gain my inspirations.
Anyway, feel free to traverse through my art. Give a comment, fav it, and even watch me for more art and stuff, if you wish. Also feel free to find me on Skype (GamefreakDX), but warning... I'm very untalkative.
Few more pieces of info below.

Nintendo 3DS Friend Code: 3067-6277-7612
Nintendo Wii U ID: GamefreakDX

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My Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U Mains and Backups:
Super Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U Mains and Backups by GamefreakDX

Special Events Notice:

RP Notice:
I do RP, but not very commonly. And if you want to know what I like or dislike doing in RPs, it's this:
- I am up for anything in RPs besides anything erotic.
- I personally hate RPing with canon characters since I'm not the best replicating characters' personalities.
- I usually like an RP to go somewhere like a story. If it doesn't, then I may end up saying it's bad or leaving it all together.
That's about it. Keep that in mind, thank you.

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More About Me!

How and why did I become a (learning) artist?
No real reason to be honest. It used to be something I somewhat enjoyed doing in Art Classes in Secondary School… Actually scratch that, Secondary School Art was crap. It drove me out of art to be honest; the ratio from actual art-learning to theory work was too imbalanced. My favourite parts of Art Classes were the End-of-Year Exams and I did so well in one of them, I got an A- (Nothing to brag about though at this point in time). That’s where it ended though.
It wasn’t until Mid-Late 2011 when I came across My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Not a very big fan of it now unfortunately, but it’s simple style and the fan art it got got me back into art. Was uh… a rough start getting back into it, but I managed. At some point, it simply because my primary go-to thing to do if I had nothing to do. Little notice that I don’t own that many games.

Who or what are my inspirations?
Well there’s a couple of things that inspired me. One I’ve told you already, MLP:FIM. Some games that inspired me include Kid Icarus: Uprising, Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse, Kingdom Hearts II, Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U, and Touhou Scarlet Weather Rhapsody/Hisoutensoku. This is mostly on their character arts, poses or graphical style that I simply dig. Special mention to Ib. Don’t know why, but this short horror game (based in an Art Museum) just got me into art even more.
Artists that have inspired me include Makoto Yabe (aka KOU), Hakunaro, FrancoTieppo, and Satou Kibi (aka Millet Soup (among other names)). Just basically art styles. KOU was the one who did Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse’s character arts, and I love them and its style. Normally though, I try to go for a more anime-look with my style. Working on it.

Why Video Game or Macro/Micro arts?
Well Video Games, it’s rather obvious to me, but they’re what mainly inspired me to draw and I get more interested in games to begin with. I don’t mind trying to attempt something original (more in Character Design), but I simply don’t do it that often. I suppose the closest thing I’m doing to original things at this point is clothing design. I’m… quite bad at that for some odd reason.
Macro/Micro art? Well to anyone who doesn’t know me well, I do have Macrophilia, not gonna lie (and don’t ask why I like it). So it’s simply something I draw because I like to. Keeping it safe, mind you (for the most part). I assure you, I’m only popular because of Macro/Micro art. Some follow me as a whole, some follow me for the Video Game stuff, but most follow me for the Macro/Micro stuff… which is kinda sad honestly, but oh well.

That’s it for me (for now). If you want to ask me any more questions, then ask away.


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