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OC- Re: Green Storm by GamefreakDX OC- Re: Green Storm by GamefreakDX
Redesigning my Grass Pony... That's about it.

- Name: Green Storm
- Type: Pegasus - Fight/Grass
- Origin: Got the idea from Mega Man 2's Leaf Shield. Especially after the Smash Bros. 4 trailer.
- Cutie Mark: A leaf with 4 other 'leaves' surrounding it.
- Ability: She can use her wings to move leaves and use them to her advantage. Mainly used as sharp objects. If no leaves are present, she still has her martial art skills, but isn't as powerful as her leaf usage. She may also decide to crush ponies who try to destroy her home as she's giant.
- Personality: Green Storm's a very harsh pony and will gladly admit it, but she also has a very helpful side. She does hate it though when a pony harms the environment. If she wants to get her powers in tact again, she simply meditates. However, ever since she adopted Earthsound, she's become a bit kinder. Not that much though, but she's very caring to Earthsound. Her power to Leaf Whistle also helps with keeping Green Storm's power in tact since it relaxes her. Regardless though, she hates the concept of a village or city.
- Backstory: When she was a filly, she was left lost in the forest, and soon came across another pony who took care of her and taught her some martial arts and all the abilities she now knows. She no longer lives with him, and lives alone with Earthsound now. As a result of her living in the forest for a long time, she dislikes the concept of a village or city... although she actually plans on moving in the future. Unsure when though.
- Interaction with Team Elements: Little, but she did revive help when Parasprites attacked her home.
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oh nice one : D
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