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I'm starting to do the Roughs and whatever for the Requests! I haven't done an awful lot unfortunately; I was abroad and it would be rude if I didn't go out after all.
Here's the results:
1. Normal Set
2. Size Set
3. Megumi
4. saximaphone Characters
[More Soon]

Not accepting anymore requests. Thanks those of you who commented. I'll draw as much as I can.

Good day everyone!

So soon after what's nearly the end of the Commissions, and really, I didn't want to do this, but I figured I might as well do this while I'm going to be in Hong Kong for just under a month. (I leave on the 21st February and return on the 17th March)

So yes, I'm accepting requests that I'll sketch in Hong Kong and when I come back, I'll... rough line them or something.
There won't be any slots, so you can request what you want provided it's SFW (Safe For Work), but I cannot promise I'll do them all. So please don't get angry if I don't do yours.

Write your request in the comments below with details, references, etc.
The more difficult the request, the less likely the final result will be more than just a rough sketch.

Rough sketches will likely be complied into sketch dumps.

If you have any questions in regards to the Requests here, please ask below and we'll discuss it.

- GamefreakDX

[Updates and corrections found at the End]
Hello again, everybody!

Fire Emblem Heroes came out not too long ago for mobile platforms.
Some of you who haven’t played it are probably wondering if it’s even worth your time, space for your phone or money (sorta)?
Well hopefully I’ll be able to answer that question.
I’ll keep this short. Not like this game has a ton to it anyway.
But let’s start with that plot because there… is one for some reason. It’s a very basic Black and White story.
Kiran the Summoner (who is you, and can be named whatever you like), Anna and newcomers Alfonse and his little sister Sharnea are members of the Order of Heroes and are the Prince and Princess of Askr. They protect the world from evil and stuff, but Kiran is the only one out of them who doesn’t directly fight. Rather, he’s the one who commands the Heroes.
He’s also the one who summons Heroes from other worlds to help them.
Unfortunately, a young Princess of the Emblian Empire called Veronica, plans to use this same summoning system to manipulate Heroes to defeat us and our Heroes.

After that intro, the story becomes a basic defeat these enemy units to break their contract with Veronica and they return to their world. It’s really not much to it.
The story later on, attempts to add a layer of mystery surrounding a certain character Alfonse and Sharnea had relations with. It was interesting at first, but I really hope it’s not the character I’m thinking it is.
The story is really that simple. Harmless though and for a mobile game, I’m not surprised.

I’m just wondering how the story will continue after. Only 9 Chapters are out at this current time and obviously, the story hasn’t ended.
Gameplay is undoubtedly Heroes’ strongest point.
Like traditional Fire Emblem games, this game is a Tactical RPG. Being on a mobile system however, a couple of things had to be tweaked.
You can only take up to 4 units into a Map at once, and the Weapon Triangle is still in this game, but things like Hit Ratio and Criticals are missing. Weapon ranges are also fixed such as a Sword will only ever be a Range 1, and a Tome will always be a Range 2.
Level Ups are pretty much the exact same, but a Special Points stat was included. You get Special Points for just putting your unit into combat, but Levelling Up gives you like 12 at once.
Special Points are used to unlock more Weapons, Skills and Abilities your unit can use.

Every map is an 8 by 6 grid, and the furthest units like horse-riders can move is 3 spaces. Even with the small map sizes though, terrains are in effect. So horses can’t go though forests, for example.
I still find myself thinking about which unit to move and where in before I get my arse handed to me, which has happened a couple of times. Other times, I just go head first with my 5-Star Lyn. She absolutely decimates enemies!

But you may have noticed I said 5-Star Lyn. Let’s get into the Ranking and Gatcha system.
Using the Summoning tab in the Main Menu, you can Summon Heroes. Summoning requires Summoning Orbs and using more at once will let you gain more Heroes at the cost of less Orbs in total. Saving around 5 Orbs. Here are my problems:
Summoning is completely random with which Type of units you can get and Who you will get. There are 4 Orb Colours for the Units: Red, Green, Blue and Grey. Representing the weapon types they can use as well as their potential class.
Units you get are random, but so is the ranking system. You can get doubles of the same unit, but their rank my be different. A higher rank means they can learn more skills as well as naturally having better stats.
Another main issue is that obtaining Summoning Orbs are extremely hard to come by. You can earn 2 of them Daily, 1 on each Weekend, and 1 for every Story Mission you beat for the First Time. Maybe even the occasional Special Mission, but they’re still so rare.
The only other way you can get Summoning Orbs is by paying real money. I haven’t done that yet, but it’s so hard not to. It's just that I find they’re a bit too expensive. £1.99 for 3 Orbs is the minimum. Which is like $2.50.

Units you Summon always start at Level 1, which is fine, but assuming they’re not at a 5-Star Rank to begin with, you can always increase their rank via Hero Feathers which are also rare and hard to come by.
The closest thing we’ll get to Reclassing in this game, but stats don’t stay the same and continue on from where they left off. They start at Level 1 with stats reset. This requires grinding or using crystals to quickly level them up if you don’t want to constantly battle.
Especially when Maps require high amounts of Stamina and you can’t level them up as quickly.

There are 5 main modes to play on in Heroes.
Story Maps is the main mode where you fight fixed Enemy Units in fixed Maps, and can be played on either Normal, Hard or Lunatic difficulty.
Training Tower where you can level up your units against Generic Enemy Units in random Maps. From the menu, you can select which Stratum to go for to match your units’ levels. Also lets you get Shards and Badges for completing them.
And Special Maps which are changed mostly daily. A way for people to earn prizes or units for free upon completing them. The main challenge here is that you can’t lose any of your units. Otherwise, it’s an immediate Game Over.

Unfortunately, these three Modes use Stamina in order to play in them. You have a maximum of 50 Stamina points and you can’t go any higher than that.
A single point takes 5 minutes to recharge, but to me, that takes too long. I think 3 should’ve been the minimum. Though I’d say this wouldn’t be an issue if some Maps didn’t require such high Stamina Points.
In the beginning, Maps may require only like 2 or 3 Stamina Points, but very quickly, that number will rise. Well over 10 Stamina Points!

Those are only 3 Modes though.
The other 2 include Arena Duels which don’t require any Stamina, but Duelling Swords. These let you have your units pit against other player’s units.
You may select the difficulty between Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. The higher you choose to go for, the more points you’ll get, allowing you to get better prizes after a Season is over.
These prizes are normally Hero Feathers.
Unfortunately, without Duelling Swords or Summoning Orbs, you can only battle in this mode 3 times a day.

The last mode is… not out yet. Apparently it’s Multiplayer.

Now it may seem like I’m just spouting out bad point after bad point, but I do legitimately enjoy this game.
I am however, probably nicer to the game than other people are. Its Gatcha system makes things far too random and getting the rare ones is all up to chance. I was super lucky to get a 5-Star Lyn within my second batch of Summoning. And she wasn’t my only 5-Star either. Not like the other one I got was a Focus Character, but he was still useful.
In regards to the Stamina, I dislike how some missions need at least 10 Stamina Points to play on it, but at the same time, it’s not like I play this game for hours as a time. I usually go for a few Training Tower Maps or Story Maps and then put it down to do other things.
The music is fine. I don’t know how much is original to this game. At least the Title theme and the Main Menu. Other songs I believe are taken from their respective games.
The character art for the most part, I think is great. Not like any of them are bad, but I feel that some artists put more effort in certain characters than others. And some art styles just aren’t my favourite.
That last bit was just a personal preference.

The in-game graphics use a Chibi style which I think is fine.
Others may argue that, but I’m probably used to that because Fire Emblem has never been insanely serious I think. Also the Fire Emblem 4Komas… At least I think they were official. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t use the Fire Emblem logo on it.
Overall, I think Fire Emblem Heroes is a good game.
Certainly not the greatest game I’ve ever played by any stretch of the imagination, and the luck system with its Gatcha can be infuriating. I should be quick and hope RNGesus helps me get units I want before the game adds many more characters.
But the gameplay is completely fine and that’s what I end up playing this game mostly for. Getting the units I want is just a side thing, and I think I’ve been… surprisingly lucky. I got my favourite unit from Fates, Setsuna~!
Now where’s my Awakening Bird Tactician?

Final Score: [7/10]
That’s it from me today. I hope you enjoyed the review and were slightly convinced to try out Fire Emblem Heroes. Again, it’s completely free, baring the Micro Transactions.
If you weren’t… well… here’s a random drawing of Sophia from the Binding Blade.

If you have already played it and/or given it a shot, tell me what you think in the comments below. I’m curious on your opinions on the Gameplay and the Gatcha side of things.

Until next time, take care!
- GamefreakDX
The 2 Orbs per day thing is only a App-Release bonus, which is stupid by the way. A bit harsh, but you have only so many Orbs you can get for free in the game. Removing the ability to get 2 Orbs a day only makes not being able to Summon fully a pain.
They want money I guess is the point, but again, those prices...

Also, the 1 Orb on every Weekend is a bit incorrect. It might be an Orb, Duelling Swords or Stamina Potions. There may be more, but I haven't gotten them all.
By the way, I got a Weekend Bonus today, but... It's Friday today.

Over course of this game, I've come to slightly dislike some of the Maps in this game. Not a whole lot of them, but I get a bit claustrophobic because some of them are mostly hallways.
I've also come to really hate Armoured Units in this game... Just saying.

Lastly, I might be kicking myself in the gut by doing this, but here's my FE Heroes ID:

Good Evening you all!

The Fire Emblem Direct just happened and now, here are my short thoughts on the entire thing.
And just as a fore warning, I am NOT a very big Fire Emblem fan. I don't think I'd even consider myself one; I've only played one game: Fates (all 3).
I just wanted to join in because I enjoyed the game and I do want to try out more games in the series, but... you know.

First of all, the actual presentation. I thought it was pretty good.
Yuri Lowenthal was the narrator. Yes, the person who voices English Marth (amongst other Fire Emblem characters) is the person who narrated this.
Fits too and he did a fine job, so nothing to complain there.
I just like to imagine Marth on a stage explaining this stuff while we, the viewers sit and listen to him show off his video presentation.

Anyway, I'm getting off topic.
Time for the games, and in order:
Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia: A uh, 'new' Fire Emblem game is coming to the 3DS once again! And this one is apparently a remake/reimagining of he second Fire Emblem game in the franchise: Fire Emblem Gaiden.
It was a unique game due to it's Half-Exploration and Half-Strategy style. The Strategy part being normal to Fire Emblem games, while the Exploration is like... how exploration usually is in RPGs.
It looks pretty neat.
Also the all the dialogue will be voiced which is pretty awesome. Until then, I believe the voice acting was relegated to animated cutscenes and occasional grunts in dialogue boxes and all.
I just hope the voice acting is good, on both sides, Japanese and English... and how about an option to play the game with Japanese voices, but English subs? That wouldn't be a hassle, right?
Released on 19th May 2017. Surprisingly not that long away.

Unnamed Fire Emblem game for Nintendo Switch: Well... yeah, it's a thing. Not including Fire Emblem Warriors obviously; that's a Spin-Off.
Would be the first time since Radiant Dawn.
Planned for a 2018 Release. But knowing Nintendo, it'll probably be delayed.

Fire Emblem Warriors: Well to be honest, it's what I expected. Dynasty Warriors x Fire Emblem. They honestly didn't show us 'that' much more since last time... But it's something.
We got to see Chrom body a bunch of enemies (I don't think I recognised the opposing army's armour).
Turns out a New 3DS version is being made too. Not the normal 3DS. Just New 3DS... Oh well, I don't think I would've got it on the handheld anyway, sorry.
Releasing in Fall 2017

Fire Emblem Heroes: Oookay, now they showed quite a lot of this off here, and to be honest, I'm intrigued.
When the trailer first happened, I jokingly thought it was a Fire Emblem fighting game. 2 vs 2 like Marvel vs Capcom... It wasn't, but I noticed Xander and Lucina being together going against Chrom and Camilla, so it's basically Clash of Super Heroes... right?
Anyway, this is actually a mobile game.
You recruit units by using Summoning Orbs and the units you obtain range from almost all the Fire Emblem games. So you can get characters like Marth, Lyn, Roy, Ike, Lucina, etc.
You can earn Orbs by either... playing the game, or you can purchase them with real money. It's a mobile game, I'm not surprised.
The game still has the Strategy gameplay style to it, but heavily cut down. By that, I mean the fact that maps are now on a 8 by 6 grid, so it fits on a mobile screen.
The game still follows traditional conventions with the Fire Emblem franchise such as the Weapon Triangle, however other traditional elements such as the Perma-Death is not a thing in this game. Not even given an option as far as I'm aware.
Well to be fair, if you get an Ultra Rare character and then lose him/her, I guess that's just a ton of money down the drain.
I'm actually really digging the art in this game too. Drawn my multiple artists, a bit like say, KanColle, and other games like this.
Released on 2nd February 2017 for iPhone and iPad

Before they ended off, they announced that you not only can pre-register now, but also that there's a voting thing going on right now.
I'm not so sure about this, but Choose Your Heroes lets you choose a Hero and/or Heroine and they'll get in the game(?) and Event characters. I'm not entirely sure about this.
But uh, you get Platinum Coins and stuff for voting if you have a My Nintendo account.

So that's it.
Honestly, I'm upset they didn't say anything on Fire Emblem Fates; they haven't decided to release the Hoshido and Nohrian Festival of Bonds Xenologues.
I guess we'll never get it then...
Still, I enjoyed this Direct. Definitely looking forward to Echoes, Warriors... somewhat, and Heroes surprisingly enough.

What do you guys think?
Let me know what you thought of the Direct and its games in the Comments.

Until then, take care!
- GamefreakDX
Maybe I should've waited until after this presentation to also open commissions...

Hello everyone!

Nintendo has finally given us more details over the Nintendo Switch! Going over the systems features, functions, games and more!
And I'm here to give my opinions on the presentation as a whole.

Firstly, I did watch this at 4am (GMT), and this was Live in Tokyo, so I didn't worry about regional differences with these Live um... Directs. This wasn't really a Direct.
The set up for the Livestream was pretty good, though a bit slow to start. The Switch gimmick they had going throughout the Livestream was okay and all. Even though audio messed up at some point, but they comment on how they messed up that bit.
The Translators speaking over the Japanese people on stage were for the most part good, but some seemed to definitely struggle getting out lines quickly and even fumbling over a couple of times or just insanely quiet. I feel that they were either extremely tired (I think it was Midnight for the US at the time) or they were under extreme pressure.

For the Nintendo Switch itself, it looks like a great console. For the controller, well we've seen it be able to take the controllers on the side off and stuff. A side can also act like its own controller akin to an NES or SNES, there's a Joy-Con Grip which makes the controller feel more like a traditional controller, but there's also a Classic Controller.
A single controller also has other bits to it such as a camera that can detect shapes and distance of objects, and can even replicate sounds from the real world extremely well. Well there'd better be good use for those.

The Battery Life of the controller they say, will be around 2.5-6.5 hours. Depending on the game that's currently being played. Sounds... okay, I suppose. Though I wonder what specifics would cause the controller to lose battery faster. Use of WiFi? ...Actually that sounds like a likely reason.
It can connect up to 8 other Nintendo Switch gamepads, and the system will also not be Region Locked! Yes!... I don't exactly know why they decided to Region Lock their systems to begin with to be honest.
Unfortunately, I don't like that the Online Services are now charging us. Free for the first few months of purchase, but come on. Why suddenly have this system charge us for going Online?

The Nintendo Switch will be released on 3rd March 2017. I'm guessing Worldwide.
It'll be ¥29,980 (JPN) and $299 (USD). What it'll be in other countries like the UK and other parts of EU? Don't know, yet...
Seems like a normal price for consoles for this day and age, but does sound like it'll be quite a bit still.

Now let's go through games in order of when they were shown:
1, 2, Switch: Basically the Wii Sports or Nintendo Land of the system it seems. The main gimmick with this game is that you don't need the TV. Using the real world as basically your... game world, I guess. It's interesting I suppose, but I didn't hold my interest for very long.
From the trailer, most of the games seemed to be reaction-based.
This is a Launch Game
Arms: A new Nintendo IP? It's some kind of boxing game with in my opinion, obscure-looking characters.
The characters' arms though, can extend far and the game has you normally punching, but also angling punching with twists of the controller, aerial attacks, blocks, the works. Doesn't look like any Marvel vs Capcom or Smash Bros, but it looks okay.
Again, didn't hold my interest for very long, not even on a level of Splatoon.
Releasing in Spring 2017

These two games seemed to be the newest thing Nintendo was doing and you know, if they're good, they're good. They personally didn't appeal to me an awful lot, but best of luck.
Now with the other games coming:
Splatoon 2: I missed out on the first Splatoon, but not because I disliked the game. I just didn't manage to get it. I might as well not now though; the second game's coming out and it looks fantastic.
Digging the new Hair Styles, Weapons, Subweapons and Specials. Even the overworld got an overhaul.
If I get a Nintendo Switch, I'll likely try to get Splatoon 2 this time!
Releasing in Summer 2017
Super Mario Odyssey: Ooh boy, this one has gotten the internet into a bit of a discussion I found. Mainly the fact that Mario is doing something that Sonic did. Going into the real world.
To be fair, Mario doesn't exactly live there. More like he has to go there to save Peach again from Bowser because the plot worked so well before. Sonic on the other hand at least in the Adventure games and stuff, actually lived there... I believe. Somewhere anyway.
Seems like Mario's normal cap was destroyed and he's lost his power source(?). But he has a new cap now... with eyes. Well seems like he can do a variety of tricks with the cap at least. Throwing it around Michael Jackson style, using it as a platform, etc.
I mean the game looks... fun at least. I don't really have any real objections to it. I just wonder what the gameplay style will be like. It looks like 3D Mario Land/World style, but Mario doesn't Shrink when he gets hit, which means... it might at least have a Health system akin to 64, Sunshine and Galaxy.
Releasing in the Holidays 2017
Xenoblade 2: Sorry guys, no opinions from me here. Looks interesting.
Fire Emblem Warriors: Now this was interesting. I recognised the Omega Force and Team Ninja logos. TC too by extension, but I forgot what they did last time.
Orbs flew around the screen, recognised some of the swords in them, The Falchion, Yato... another Falchion, and around two more I didn't know. It was something Fire Emblem definitely. Maybe a new console Fire Emblem of some sort?
Kinda... the title at the time was only shown in Japanese too ファイアーエムブレム無双, so I could read the Fire Emblem part, but what's 無双? Turns out... it's Fire Emblem Warriors. Another attempt at a Nintendo x Dynasty Warriors game, which you know... worked. So... No harm trying again.
I didn't play Hyrule Warriors either due to lack of interest, but for some reason, slap Fire Emblem in front of the title and I'm hooked a bit more.
Dragon Quest X, XI, and I.II: For Japan. Thanks guys.
Shin Megami Tensei (Nintendo Switch): Don't know the full title, sorry guys.
Project Octopath Traveler: Now this game... I know nothing about besides it's an RPG, but what stood out to me? The graphics. They look so cool! Not even like they're HD; it's Flat 2D sprites over 3D pixelated backgrounds.
Looks like fun otherwise, you know?
Skyrim: ...Woo?
FIFA: Spworts, Spworts, Spworts...

After that, I think the game showcase... basically ends. Showing us the Nintendo Switch wrist bands similar to the Wii Remote. Don't know why they told us that now.
Also going over to the UK and the US for future Events with the Nintendo Switch.
But wait, we're missing something. Where's our Zelda, guys?
Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: Well too bad, it's still not out yet. But hey, the game I believe is nearly complete, and it looks fantastic.
Link looks great and so does um... Zelda? That was Zelda right? The one who also went to cry on Link's lap and stuff?
Seems interesting though in a story sense. Looks like there'll be much more than just defeat Ganon or whoever the bad guy is. A bit more drama and a bit more of surprises... I think.
I guess it also depends on whether Link emotes or not, which it seems like he does a bit more than usual here.
Releasing 3rd March 2017
So it's coming out at the same time as the Nintendo Switch. Sounds good... By the way, is the game even still coming to the Wii U?

Now we're not done here yet. Turns out they have a few more games announced for the system that wasn't shown in the Livestream:
Super Bomberman R
Puyo Puyo Tetris: Oookay, so this is a versus game that uses both the the playstyle of Puyo Puyo and Tetris... but not at the same time, I believe? Not entirely sure.
I love Tetris, but I haven't played Ruyo Puyo before, if I'm completely honest.
Sonic Mania: Disappointed it's the same trailer as the first one with the occasional audio differences, I think. But hey, Sonic Mania's coming on the Nintendo Switch!
I'd honestly like it to come to the 3DS as well. It's the best system for it, right?
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: Now I'm shocked they didn't show this off in the Livestream. It's not Mario Kart 9, but basically an add-on to the existing Mario Kart 8, and I think it looks just as good.
We get the returning DLC characters like Link and Isabelle, with a few newcomers such as Inklings which is awesome, but more awesome I think, we're finally getting actual Arenas in Battle Mode! Where were these?
They seem to have their own items too. I noticed the Feather from the original Super Mario Kart comes back. Goodness me.

And that's it. No Super Smash Bros. or any kind. Not even a Melee remake.
Oh well. Maybe next time.

That's all from me today.
Take care!
- GamefreakDX

2016 is over! Goodness gracious, we’d better have a much better year than the last.

Happy New Year everyone!
In case you don’t know what this journal’s about, well at the beginning of every year, I like to write a bit about myself and what I do here on my DeviantART. Mainly for those who are new to me. So with that said…
Nice to meet you! My name’s Jack. Online name: GamefreakDX. Sometimes shortened to GFreak or Game.
I’m just a British 19 year old person with a Chinese background who draws for fun mostly. Those drawings typically include things related to Gaming, Anime and Giant Girls (aka. Giantess).
Most of these drawings are more of the SFW type. I’ve delved into NSFW before, but they’re rare.

As a person well, first and foremost, I’m extremely shy and untalkative. More accurately, I’m not very good at starting conversations. If you talk to me, likely I’ll respond and not in one-word replies. You can talk to me via notes on DeviantART if you wish, I won’t bite.
In the past, I’d say you can add me on Skype, but I don’t use Skype anymore. I use Discord now, however, I only add people close to me. My apologies.
I class myself as a Gamer and an… Otaku(?), but only borderline.
For games, I don’t own many games, so therefore I’m more of a spectator. I’d like to play a majority of the games I see for one reason or another, but I just don’t own many.
Anime? I don’t watch it as much and most I watch are Comedy, Slice of Life. Most of my favourite anime are action, drama kinds to be fair, but still, I haven’t really watched many of the extremely popular anime such as One Piece or Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

In regards to Giants, well it’s mostly girls I draw. Though I normally end up drawing girls anyway. Again, mostly SFW (and borderline-NSFW sometimes).
My favourite kinds of Giant Girls are more on the gentle side, but I don’t mind a slightly more mature or adult kind of Giant Girl.

On a side note, one think I’ve been wanting to draw more of is actually… Yuri. Like Female x Female.
I only really found out last year too, but I seem to like this genre a lot. More so in the soft side of things. Not the hardcore. *ahem*
Last year, I failed some of my challenges for 2016. Namely, animating. I kinda gave up on that, sorry.
This year, most of my challenges are more real life things. I want at least a part-time job, and to heavily improve my Japanese language skills.
And my art too, but I naturally do that anyway.

That’s it from me though. Here’s to 2017 being a good year (pleeease!).
Take care everyone!
- GamefreakDX

  • Listening to: Nandemonaiya
  • Playing: Shantae: Half-Genie Hero

[This is a Spoiler-Free review.
This review will focus on the Wii U version.
This review is before the Risky Boots and Hero Modes came out.]

Well, it’s been a long time since the KickStarter first happened for this game. Around 4 years ago. Good God… Took a while and after numerous delays, the game was released.
The latest game in the Shantae series, Shantae: Half-Genie Hero. And her first outing in HD!

So when I first heard about Shantae: Half-Genie Hero… I didn’t know what I was looking at. Not that I didn’t like what I saw, but I didn’t know who Shantae was. That’s right, the KickStarter was my first time hearing about Shantae.
Doing a bit of digging around, I found out much more about her and she had an upcoming game, Pirates’ Curse. All of her previous 2 games were on the 3DS eShop too, so I started there.
Barring some questionable design choices in GBC and Risky’s Revenge, I fell in love with the games, characters, music, etc. Pirates’ Curse amplifying that when that came out. So it came to no surprise I was excited for Half-Genie Hero. Backing the game over on KickStarter at… $25. Yeah, I don’t have that insane amount of money, but I got the game… sorta, and I got the Soundtrack.

When the survey came out, I asked for the game to be on Steam, but that was before my PC died and before I got a Wii U, so I forgot to ask them to change it after all this time. I got what I deserved, but it isn’t the first time I’ve ordered a Shantae game twice on different platforms. I bought a version on the Wii U. True dedication!

At first, I was wondering where the game would be placed in Shantae’s timeline. I’m sure it was a sequel, but the title didn’t make it seem like it was. More like a Prequel. Maybe a Reboot. Soft Reboot? …Soft Rabbit?
But no, definitely a sequel and after playing the game, I feel like I understand why this game was called what it was.
With that said, let’s tackle this uh, plot.
I’m not entirely sure how long this game tacked place after Pirates’ Curse when Shantae got all her powers back, but I don’t think that matters in the grand scheme of things.
One night, Shantae wakes up to a voice and proceeds to follow it, leading to her Uncle’s basement and encounters a light. A messenger of the Genie Realm warning her of danger in the near future.
Turns out this was all a dream, but while visiting Uncle Mimic, she learns that he’s making something called the Dynamo. Something to make sure Scuttle Town isn’t harmed by anything bad from the outside.
While he’s explaining this, a Tinkerbat steals the blueprints. No idea how he got in unnoticed, but anyway, this means Risky Boots is up to no good. So Shantae gives chase.
After traversing through the Main Street (aka. Burning Town) Shantae comes across Risky beats her, she gives back the blueprints, gives up and retreats and then… the game ends.
Nah, Shantae goes back to Scuttle Town with the retrieves blueprints and with the help of her friends Sky, Bolo and Rottytops, they help Uncle Mimic make the Dynamo.

From there, the plot takes a huge backseat. We collect pieces for the Dynamo, but along the way, Shantae will encounter new enemies who must be stopped or new people who we can give to them so we can continue making the Dynamo.
One of the new characters in particular I thought was going to be a reoccurring character, but she disappears after a certain boss. A bit of a waste if you ask me…

This game’s story is basic, but I think it’s too basic and I find it loses focus because what this game basically has is a bunch of small plots. The true plot happens by the end of the game, but not like the initial encounter triggered any of the small plots previously.
I personally would’ve preferred a more concrete plot, however, while the plot is only at most, passable to me, this game still has great character interactions.
As Shantae’s friends are all back, that means we get more of that humour whether it’s slapstick or characters throwing jabs at each other. It’s great that this remained in the game and it’s great. Made me forget about the plot.
…because I actually did forget what the plot was for a while.
Shantae: Half-Genie Hero, like the other games in this series, is a Metroidvania. A 2D platformer with exploration, but that exploration also seems to be toned down here.
For starters, there are no dungeons in this game. I was shocked, but it didn’t really detract from my experience with this game. More like it was something I realised.
Stages in this game are typically of a Left-to-Right progression, but every stage still has tons to explore and you’ll need everything you can get to get every collectable in this game. Most are easy to figure out especially when you get the proper upgrade. Some others may need a bit more thinking.
My only real complaint in regards to exploration comes from the underwater sections because unlike the above-ground, you can’t switch animal forms immediately. You have to return to the surface before you can continue exploring as the other underwater transformation.

Upgrades to Shantae can be earned by collecting certain items throughout your adventures or by buying them from the shop. Some of which are extremely powerful. I’d say even game breaking. Gemjug transformation? Infinite Magic!?
Fortunately, if you think some of these upgrades are too powerful, you can always not select it and even turn off upgrades entirely by going into the pause menu… which admittedly, I didn’t do.

Shantae’s movement in this game is as good as last time. My only nitpick is that I wish she could move faster sometimes. And no transformation will aid in speed much.
I am however, still shocked that the game is not using 360 degrees movement. This game still uses 8-directions for movement. More of an issue when you’re underwater, when you have free movement.
On the Wii U gamepad, the control layouts are fine though I dislike that the Back-dash and Subweapons are mapped to the L and R buttons instead of the ZL and ZR buttons. It’s just not very comfortable to me. Back-dash I never used anyway, but I did soon find out that the A button activated Subweapons.

So Shantae’s back to her normal Half-Genie self. With that said, transformations are back. Around 14 are in the game and you can hold 12 at a time. The X button puts Shantae into a Dance state and then pressing a direction will have you transform into the labelled animal.
There are three sections to the Dance menu and it’s easy to do and even though it’s shorter to do than Risky’s Revenge’s dancing, it does still have you pause briefly just to transform. It may not sound like much, but it does build up.
My real issue however is that a few of the transformations and by extension, their upgrades, are heavily under-utilised and only needed for very specific areas. To be fair, not every transformation in this game is actually mandatory.

Bosses in this game are mostly of the large variety. Giant Mermaids, Giant… Sand-Snakes(?), etc. Every now and then, you’ll encounter bosses closer to Shantae’s size, and no boss in this game is necessarily bad. Though for a select few, I found the way to beat it wasn’t very clear. Even with Shantae’s small advice when battles start… which isn’t very loud to begin with.

Overall, this game’s pretty easy. On your first time blind, you can beat it in 3-4 hours. Plus 2 hours if you’re going for 100%. After that? Maybe around half or less than what I stated.
With that said, if you wanted this game to be your first Shantae game, I think you can definitely do that. It’s not like the plot is incredibly deep to begin with.
If any of you played Ducktales: Remastered, then the art style should very familiar to you. This game’s graphics mixes in 2D animated sprites with 3D environments. Some may think it looks weird, but I personally do like it a lot.
All the characters are extremely well-animated. Something to be expected of WayForward. From idle animations to their running cycles, there’s definitely been a lot of effort put into these animations.
3D environments look great and oddly doesn’t look out of place compared to the flat sprites of Shantae and everyone else.
The only thing I dislike in this game that was actually fixed in Pirates’ Curse is block-breaking; blocks would actually break into pieces if you hit them. In this game, it goes back to what they did in Risky’s Revenge where hitting them makes them shrink into oblivion.

Character Portraits were redrawn by the same person from Inti Creates, Makoto Yabe (aka. KOU) and they look fantastic. They fit with the in-game art style too, though in my opinion, I do prefer the art style from Pirates’ Curse.
My only issue is that not every character gets as much emotion as Shantae. Sometimes it’s fine since they don’t need many portraits with what they’re saying, but at times it doesn’t fit at all.
It was an issue I had with Pirates’ Curse too, however less so in that game, I found.

One thing I like to pay attention to when going into a WayForward game where Jake Kaufman is the lead music composer is well, the music. And fortunately, the music checks out.
This game goes for a more rave-y style and I think it fits in the Shantae universe. In my opinion though, it’s not Jake Kaufman’s best works overall.
My biggest issue with the soundtrack comes from the Cape Crustacean stage. While admittedly it’s my favourite track in the game, there’s only one song in the entire Stage unlike the other Stages where each section for the most part, has a new music track to go along with it.

Cristina Vee did the singing for ‘Dance Through the Danger’ which is a fantastic piece of music, though I wish it had a full version instead of just an in-game looped version.
Moreover, she did all the voices in this game… I think. I don’t know if she also voiced the male characters too (mainly the Ammo Soldiers). It’s not really bad, however, you can tell they’re all voiced by the same person.
Overall, Shantae: Half-Genie Hero is mostly what I expected out of a Shantae game. I’m shocked by the removal of dungeons, but not like it ever bothered me. The game’s still extremely fun and easy to pick up with a lot of humour to keep you going.
Most of my complaints are nitpicks, but who knows if my opinions might change after updates or after I play the game a few more times.

I still think the game could’ve had a more concrete plot instead of tons of small plots, but besides that, I don’t have any real objections to this game.
It’s only around £15.99/$19.99 in online stores, so it’s not the price of a normal Triple-A game.

I give this game a 8/10.
Thanks for reading and until next time. Take care!

Hello everyone, and a Merry Christmas to you all!
I hope you're all enjoying yourselves!

Unfortunately, this time around, I don't have much to upload on DeviantART that's Christmas-related. I fell ill part-way through this month and to be honest, I'm still not 100% okay right now.
So I opted for something simpler... much simpler. But I did try my best with what my body wanted me to do. Here's some Santa Azura with doll Corrin!  Fire Emblem- Santa Azura [Special] by GamefreakDX

Again, I hope you enjoy yourselves today. Presents, hanging out with your family, etc.

Until next time! (Which shouldn't be long)

- GamefreakDX
[EDIT] I forgot about this tidbit, but... the Switch is Cartridge-based. Not Disc or SD. My apologies.

Aloha everyone!

So if you for some reason haven't heard about it, recently Nintendo announced the Nintendo Switch (initially codenamed the Nintendo NX).
It was only a preview trailer, but I'll give you my quick thoughts on it.

First and foremost, the console looks quite tiny. About on par with the Wii and Wii U. Maybe a bit smaller, though that's just seeing it.
As I've heard some people bring up, the game pad screen looks rather tiny. Smaller than the Wii U's I'd say. But the overall concept of it does look pretty nice, even if it did remind me of the Wii U.
Though in this case, I feel like no one should feel like this is an expansion to the Wii.

The fact you can play games with it almost anywhere is pretty amazing, though... is there a disc slot now that I think about it.? I couldn't seem to tell, but this system may be an SD card-only system. I can smell the hacking from here...

Furthermore though with the pad, you can take the controllers from the side out and still play. Looks a bit awkward if you ask me. Nothing in between the analog stick and the buttons, and all. Though, that's probably just me.
This thing however, had better have a long battery life. Taking it with you on long journeys is great and all, but not if it doesn't last extremely long.

But putting it into the main Nintendo Switch console and then being able to play it on TV is a nice bonus. I'm slightly curious about the graphics jump though to be honest.
The Wii U was the first Nintendo HD console, but was still behind say, the PS4 or xBox One. So where will the Switch be in this case?

Games-wise, well we saw a couple being played such as Zelda Wii U(?) and Skyrim. Though I noticed a few new-looking games in there too.
Well firstly, the new Mario game. I think everyone saw that. Looks like a new 3D Mario game, though I' not sure if it's meant to play like 64 or 3D Land. Personally, I hope for the former.
There's a few others that I'm not sure if they're... new. I saw a Mario Kart game being played, but what was strange to me was the duel items it seemed to have. Did MK8 have that?
But it's not a Double Dash 2, that's for sure even if it was a new MK game.
There was a Basketball game, one I haven't seen or heard about before, and lastly a Splatoon game... and a tournament.

I don't know if it's been confirmed or not, but is the Nintendo Switch going to be backwards compatible or are the Wii U games they showed simply ports?
To be honest, I do hope it's backwards compatible to the Wii U. Not like it sold very well either, so if the Switch does well and lots of people buy it, then by extension, they're buying a Wii U... right?

Even if it wasn't, I'm sure the people over at Nintendo would eventually port over the other Wii U games.

Anyway, those are my quick thoughts on the Nintendo Switch.
Looks good, I wasn't really dying of hype to be perfectly honest, but I did like what I saw and I think it's interesting.
Coming out in March 2017, so we've got a bit of time to wait and so they can reveal a few more details to us before release.

What do you guys think of the Nintendo Switch. Excited or disappointed?
Tell me in the comments below.

Anyway, thanks for reading, I'll see you all soon.
- GamefreakDX
This Episode Discussion of Spirit of Justice covers the Special Episode (DLC).

Spoilers are everywhere here. So if you haven’t played the game yet and you don’t want to be spoiled, run away far from here, now!
… Okay then. Let’s go!

Special Ep: Turnabout Time Traveller:
You know, I was thinking of Professor Layton and the Lost Future when going into this case. Though it’s obviously quite different.
Sorta an interesting case though. Taking place after the events of the main game.
My only issue with this case going into it was that it wasn’t a case based in Khura’in. I understand we flew out of it now, but at the same time, I don’t feel like we were in Khura’in long enough in this game and this case only accentuates that thought.

This Episode really does take one back to the classic era of Ace Attorney. Nick and Maya vs Edgeworth. No Dick Gumshoe though and I’m so upset by that… I know Ema was in the original game too, but still.
But Larry Butz is back!

So Ellen Wyatt claims to be a time traveller and she’s been arrested for the murder of Dumas Gloomsbury. Not only that, she was also going to get married with Sorin Sprocket, and that on the verge of being cancelled and stuff altogether if Nick doesn’t get a Not Guilty verdict for Ellen.
We have ‘Time Travel’, a relationship scenario, and a person who actually isn’t the villain (or well that’s the same with most cases). Already getting Lost Future vibes.

Athena and Trucy are not a part of us because they’re busy doing Magic Tricks. Something I thought was humorous and is peppered throughout the case.
But why is Larry Butz here? Well not only is he a witness (I suppose), but he was going to get married with Ellen…? No, he’s just being dumb. Of course not. They barely even know each other!
He also thinks he Time Travelled too because he saw a Pterodactyl. He even drew it out… sorta.
It’s good to know that within the last 10 years or so, he hasn’t changed one bit.

The investigation takes us to the Mooring Dock, the Flying Chapel and the Foyer. And the people we run into here? Probably the only witnesses we’ll ever get in this case as far as memory serves me. Like most cases, this Episode is broken into 2 Investigations and Trials. But we don’t get any new witnesses from the first investigation to the second.

Let’s go through some of the new characters here:
Ellen Wyatt is… fine of a character. She’s a maid though I forget that detail, and she’s going to marry Sorin, but moreover, if Sorin gets in trouble, well she’s just not having it. She’d rather get herself guilty than see Sorin get that treatment. Aww, true love. But other than that, her dialogue seems to mostly be her insanely paranoid, worried or just crying waterfalls.
… I mean I would to, I guess. She is arrested after all.

Sorin Sprocket is someone I couldn’t pinpoint at first. Since he’s normally so silent, but he got more interesting as the case went on. Or well a certain thing about him and his past made him more interesting.
I also like his design. A bit generic for this type of character, but I still liked it.
Oh and he likes to waste papers with short messages on it and folding them into paper planes.

Pierce Nichody… Well he’s an ex-Surgeon and a Butler. A very unique-looking butler I might add. I’ve never seen a butler like him before. At first, he’s just a person who heavily cares for Sorin, so he doesn’t worry too much. But he does have a tragic past too.
Something related to the death of a person called Selena Sprocket.

And these three above? Are the main new witnesses we have. It’s really not that much and I don’t find that they’re as interesting as the ones we bump into in Turnabout Reclaimed.
And unfortunately, I already had my eyes on a certain character as they seemed suspicious to me.

Within the Flying Chapel, we only really get to explore the Reception. Finding things like the Pegabull the victim was in when he died, the fog machine, etc.
The Foyer gives us less. The most notable evidence we get is the access card to get into the Hold of the Flying Chapel. Somewhere we have yet to explore.

The investigation’s pretty straightforward though and… pretty short by comparison. I was honestly quite surprised.
The Trial is probably just as long.
You know, I actually forgot that Ema Skye was a big fan on Edgeworth, and still is.
But during the Trial, it seems the murder didn’t happen in the Reception. Or so it seems anyway. We suspect a number of places like the Hold which we had yet to visit or the Vista Deck, which we also have yet to visit.

We couldn’t exactly find any good leads at the time though still. But Larry was there at the time, using Ellen’s keycard to get into the Hold. So we questioned him.
He… doesn’t take this very well initially.
I honestly thought he’d testify again, ignoring the ‘testimony’ he just gave. Like what happened in Turnabout Big Top with Moe.
But through him, and even though I saw it coming, the Time Travel didn’t really happen. However, they did do the Marriage part twice to make it seem like Time Travel.

Mr. Nichody comes out after Nick finds out and at this point, I was already convinced he was the bad guy in this case. Not like I had any proof though, so I couldn’t say anything. And the game didn’t let me either, so…
Investigation time!

This time we have access to the Hold and I swear that’s where most of our investigation takes us.
Most notably, a candelabra that has bloodstains on it and some found on the elevator to the Vista Deck.
At some point, Sorin falls unconscious since he was the one who was stabbed with the candelabra, losing his notebook in the process. Giving it to Mr. Nichody and… there he goes.

Within the Reception, Ema fixed up the Pegabull that was broken before, leaving some more evidence for us.
We bump into Mr. Nichody again and he explains more about the cover up, and this Selena who passed away and is Sorin’s sister is brought up more and more.

I felt like a dick at some point, I had Sorin look at the photo of his deceased sister because I thought it was the evidence I had to show him. Boy, was I wrong. Haha!

Again, the investigation wasn’t very long.
We’re back in the courtroom.

Throughout this court, we have Sorin and Mr. Nichody testify.
Firstly, Sorin.
So his side of the story, he got wind of what Gloomsbury was doing to Ellen and went out on the side of the Flying Chapel to try and save Ellen. That’s some guts, Jesus. The Flying Chapel may have been grounded at the time, but that’s still high. I would not have the courage to do that… on normal circumstances.
The Power of Love is pretty strong. Something I swear Edgeworth will never understand.

The fact that the Flying Chapel was grounded however, was the reason why Larry saw the Pterodactyl.
Turns out it was actually just a broken, cracked sign. Gotta say though, I wouldn’t have seen that at all unless they asked me to point it out.
I… don’t know, it just doesn’t seem like something I’d ever see; I’d just look at it and say, it’s broken. Have a nice day.

We also find out that a certain incident a year ago that he was involved in? Turns out he was a main reason for the accident, causing the death of his sister. Dumas Gloomsbury was there too, who survived… and so did Sorin, but he got Anterograde Amnesia; he can’t keep memories post-accident. Whenever he sleeps, he wakes up thinking the day before was the death of his sister. Which is a damn shame really.

But now that I think about it, this game’s filled with disabled people. Uendo with Split Personality Disorder, Igna with Prosopagnosia and now we have Sorin here with a form of Amnesia.
I find it interesting though how certain people with disorders would fair in court or how they’d see/remember things.

This explains why Sorin needed the notebook because it also acts as his memories. He’ll believe what’s written in it almost no matter what, but Mr. Nichody used that to his advantage. Trying to pin Sorin for the murder of this case.
But since we know that’s false, or trying to prove it’s false anyway, Mr. Nichody comes up to testify.

As he testifies, he turns from a Butler to what he was, a Sergeant.
But that’s just visual. He explains that he wrote a note to Gloomsbury to do the deed, but it kinda failed and Mr. Nichody hit him on the head, soon placing him in the Pegabull. He wasn’t dead yet though. That happened during the second wedding, though I find that slightly unbelievable.
I understand that the ice fog covered up the act… sorta, but did not one really hear any kind of bash on the head or any cries of pain? I doubt it would’ve been ‘that’ loud in the Reception… right?
I guess it was sounds of clapping that overlapped such a possibility, but… I don’t know. I’ve never participated in a wedding, so I guess I shouldn’t think about it too much.

Mr. Nichody also tells us of Selena’s (Sorin’s sister) last words before dying. Basically to simply take care of Sorin while she’s gone.
Unfortunately, he didn’t really follow those last words… kinda.
He was more going for Ellen because the wedding that took place was meant to be for Mr. Nichody and Ms. Sprocket. Or should’ve been anyway. Taking everything away from him is basically what he was getting at.

It eventually came to the conclusion that he was the murderer behind this crime.
Then the witness breakdown.

Honestly, while most breakdowns are funny or silly, I thought this one was quite a bit sadder than most. It definitely had silliness in it as Ace Attorney usually does, but it looked more like he was quickly reenacting the moment when he was trying to save Selena from death.
But failed.
The breakdown also reminded me of Valentine’s EKG Flatliner Blockbuster from Skullgirls. Probably because of the beeps and the line from behind Nichody.

I said before that I thought it was obvious from the start that Mr. Nichody was the villain here, but I won’t lie and say I thought he had a good backstory.
But we got him though. A shame he had to go this route.

Just before the trial ended, the Judge before giving his verdict, asked the two… and normal procedure that’d happen during a wedding. It was a bit humorous to see that. Also calling Ellen Wyatt, Ellen Sprocket now.
Not. Guilty.

And that’s pretty much it.
But not before seeing Larry cry his eyes out. Was he really serious about that!?

We get an ending cutscene were Nick, Edgey, Larry, Maya, Athena (yes, she escaped from Trucy’s grasp), and Ema celebrate their wedding.
Ellen threw the wedding bouquet like they normally do in weddings and Larry caught it, and the girls… weren’t too pleased with that.
You know, at first I couldn’t tell who the person on the right was. I saw Maya on the left. Athena in the middle, but I couldn’t tell who was on the right. Ema has quite the hairstyle change… I think.
Or I’m just being dumb.

This Special Episode was good enough. Though I’d say Turnabout Reclaimed was better and more interesting, to be honest. This case also felt too short and easy in comparison to other Ace Attorney cases.
I’d even say Professor Layton and the Lost Future was better and more tragic than this case, but that’s comparing it to another game to be fair.

This case was probably the closest we’re ever going to get to a classic Ace Attorney case now, and I liked that. Seeing how everyone evolved since their beginnings… Except Larry. I don’t think he’s changed much, if at all.
And hey, Maya actually got screen time now! But in the form of DLC and not within the main game…

End of Part 3
And that's the end of my discussion journals on Spirit of Justice. The two of you who decided to give these a read, but thanks.
My opinions on Spirit of Justice haven't really changed much since I first wrote my review and such.

But again, feel free to tell my what you thought of the Special Episode.
Until next time!

- GamefreakDX

This Episode Discussion of Spirit of Justice covers Episodes 4 to 5.

Spoilers are everywhere here. So if you haven’t played the game yet and you don’t want to be spoiled, run away far from here, now!
… Okay then. Let’s go!

Episode 4: Turnabout Storyteller
So now we’re getting to the really pointless parts of the game. We’re back in the US and now in control of Athena, in a Trial-only case.
However, I have oddly fond memories with this case though. It doesn’t have a very good villain if you ask me, and I don’t think Athena gets enough spotlight still. But maybe it’s the characters here and because it’s this Episode isn’t very long to begin with.

So Taifu Toneido was suffocated to death by something, but we don’t know, and nothing’s found in his lungs. Bucky Whet is the one on trial. Some person who works at Whet Soba. A Noodles/Ramen guy, thing.
He also seems to always be drunk and sick. I don’t even know how he gets his job done so well. We do see him do it in court after all.

Oh by the way, we’re in Courtroom No. 4. Spoilers for Dual Destinies, but this is the courtroom that got bombed to hell in the previous game. Good to see it’s good as new.
Nahyuta Sahdmadhi is back… for some reason. Seriously, it must be annoying travelling from just two countries just to be a prosecutor in a case there. I’d probably be singing a different story if his personality improved at all since when we first met him, but…

Simon Blackquill actually aids Ms. Cykes in this case as the co-counsel, much to my surprise, but it’s interesting. But not before taking the stand to give his side of the story as he was actually there at the scene of the crime… sorta. He was actually outside it, alongside Geiru Toneido. A balloon gal.
She wasn’t there 100% of the time so she witnessed even less actually. Hmm…

After, Blackquill joins the defence as he does actually want to save Bucky from a Guilty verdict. Hey, it’s not the end of the world, you know. What about Eldoon’s?
And also a new witness takes the stand: Uendo Toneido. So many Toneidos, but anyway…
Uendo here? He’s my favourite case-exclusive character in this game. He has my favourite personality gimmick… or well, he’s actually got Split Personality Disorder, which is found out not too long during the case.
When he switches personalities, his hair and a couple of other things change too. The strangest thing to me, is his courtesan persona makes him sorta female. Not only through appearance, but listen to the beeps from the dialogue. It’s the pitch for a female.
I don’t know an awful lot about SPD in real life. Do some personalities make you much more feminine or something sometimes?
I also question why Athena was so mean to them at first. Maybe the bad jokes they made…?

Anyway, he at first testifies about his knowledge of the crime and soon after via Mood Matrix, we find out he has SPD. That’s when he introduces his other sides. Uendo is the Rakugo performer, Patches is the jester, and Kisegawa is the female courtesan (female!? How does this work?).
But with a little bit of evidence digging, they find out by using cards, they spelt out Whet No. 4… or so we thought. Stains on the cards say otherwise and it turns out to say Owen 4th. How coincidental if you ask me, but anyway.

With a bit of logic thinking, they turn to Uendo, thinking that maybe Owen is part of him, but the three personalities attempt to hide him. It’s futile.
They actually don’t share memories with this Owen however and the reason why they try to hide him I actually like.
Since they barely know anything about Owen, they feared that Owen would be the killer. So they tried to bring him out, but they couldn’t do it in this state.
So what did they do? They gave him Sake. It’s how Owen appeared in the first place. But he wouldn’t drink it normally. It came in the form of a bun, without knowing.
Okay, okay now. I know some people are weaker to alcohol than others, but is it actually possible to have someone fall drunk AND become unconscious with not even a shot worth of Sake? It’s strong sure, but… not that strong. Right…?

After a short break, they fed him a bun with Sake in it and Uendo and the other personalities fall unconscious. Leaving Owen to appear.
Now the only thing I find confusing here is that… they all share the same body. I kind of struggle to see how Owen also wasn’t affected by the Sake when he came up.
Anyway, it turns out Owen is actually… 5 years old… 5.
Makes sense when you consider the fact that the other personalities are normally out and not Owen, but he couldn’t have committed murder, but we had to cross examine him as he was an important witness.

So what if Owen was the killer? How would it work. After all, he’s doesn’t share the same memories or even personality as the others. What? Do their absolute best to make sure Owen doesn’t come out?

We find out someone suffocated Taifu with something. Giving light details such as a cut on their head, but he got too scared and fell unconscious. Goodness, not good for the Uendo personalities…
After his testimony though, Owen falls unconscious… for some reason. God knows what happened to him after. Break down or something, I guess, but we never see him again in this case, which made me a bit upset. Who knows what actually happened to him.
By the way, I love that Athena calls herself ‘Auntie Athena’ towards Owen, just to make him feel better. It’s kinda weird… but cute.

After a bit more speculation, Geiru comes back out to testify and as it seems, she cad a cut on her fore-head. Making her a match to what Owen said.
Oookay, so Geiru is allergic to Soba Dough. So she used Udon Dough to suffocate Taifu and kill him. The Soba was already made, but what to do with the Udon? She hid it outside. Gives more insight during Blackquill’s testimony from the start, but Taifu’s actually been dead for a while. He was making Udon Noodles for Geiru to cheer her up and stuff, but uh… yeah.
The reason for her murder was simple jealousy. Uendo Toneido getting the Uendo name and not Geiru.
… Well that was a thing.
After she was found out, her balloons popped. Including her balloon breasts. Hmm, they did seem abnormally anime-levels of bouncy…

And that’s it. Woo…
I’d probably bitch less about the motive if the one she hates was a character that we were all familiar with. A bit like Episode 2, but I think the motive there even then, was a bit better. And hey, his hate was also towards Trucy, who we all know by now.
I’ll also say that yes, we have had other villains with similar motives and reasons for murder, but I feel this one’s… not very interesting by comparison.

Gotta say though, I think Blackquill steals the show in this case. I feel like we get another angle of him when he’s helping the defence and to be honest, because Athena is still a bit incompetent by herself (no offence), he kinda has to constantly help her keep on track. At one point even shaking her (and getting close to the camera) to keep her on track.
The next best thing was the Prosecutor banter. I thought it was funny how they’d make fun of each other. Blackquill must’ve been so happy when he and Athena defeated Prosecutor Sad Monk.
And the only reason why I probably rank this higher than the next episode is probably because of Uendo Toneido. It’s a very simple reason, but his reason for this part of the case is very interesting to me.

Like I said, rather fond memories, but this Episode really wasn’t that long. Especially with no investigations. In a sense, I feel like they shoe-horned this case and Athena into the game.
But anyway, we’re done in the US. Let’s go back to the Kingdom of Khura’in and see how the revolution’s turning out.

Episode 5: Turnabout Revolution:
Alright! Welcome to ‘Apollo Justice Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice’.
Here, we’re still NOT in Khura’in, and we have basically two cases to complete in this one episode. Not only that, we’re not playing as the titular character. It’s a very minor complaint, I understand, but the game’s called Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney. The fact that the end game is completely based on Apollo (except for one moment), it bugs me.
But I’m just nitpicking for the most part there.

Let’s start with the first case.
Meet Dhurke Sahdmadhi. Now, I like this guy. Firstly, awesome theme song, but he also leads the revolution called the Defiant Dragons, as you’ll hear many times throughout the game, but he’s not evil. He’s just doing what he think’s right… which really, it is. But he’s not in Khura’in right now. We’re in the US still and he decides to visit Apollo. Why? Because he’s apparently he was Apollo’s foster father. His previous father died in a fire after all.

Am I really only being told this now? I didn’t feel like there was enough build up to it, to be honest. Not like the original Ace Attorney, learning more about Edgeworth before going through to Von Karma… I feel like anyway, but I may have had different thoughts if we had more development between Apollo and Nahyuta.
As a result of this, I actually found this to be quite unbelievable. I mean… it’s the truth, but I had a hard time buying it. I guess as long as it doesn’t contradict anything in the Ace Attorney franchise, it should be fine.
I may be the only one who thinks this, though…

Dhurke’s also looking for the Founder’s Orb. Something actually muttered about in Episode 1, but wasn’t much of importance then. Now it’s an item they’re gravely looking for, which apparently is in the Kurain Village.
Ah, the place doesn’t look like it’s changed at all… just much less pixelated. We don’t get to explore much however. We enter Archie Buff’s studies to find out he died while he was researching the Founder’s Orb. At first thought to be a pile of books fallen on him which soon turned into, killed by Datz Are’bal.
How do these things even get around- ugh, anyway.
It was to be given back to the Defiant Dragons as long as Mr. Buff wasn’t harmed. Well… he was, but not by the Defiant Dragons.

Later some dick called Paul Ashiton. My god, this guy annoys me. I mean he’s not only annoying to me, but he’s annoying to everyone too. He’s a politician and tries to be a part of the local assemblymen of the Kurain Village, but the way he does it just makes me roll an eyebrow and I’m just cringing at his dialogue. I’m sure it was on purpose, sorta, but he’s definitely not the kind of character I enjoy reading about.
Then there’s his theme. Not exactly bad… but it fits him too well. Adds to his personality I guess, so they did something right here. ‘Wheee!’

But anyway, we go into Mr. Buff’s study and find some clues. Also bumping into Sarge. A drone controlled by… who we assume is a young boy. He never comes out of his room, so… But we get more info out of him. Even relating to him. Mainly by loss of parents. Sarge’s mother also died for the record.

Later on, they find the location of the Founder’s Orb based on where Mr. Buff went at one point. The mountains. To adventure!
This was a pretty long moment of this story. Apollo and Dhurke walk through long caves until they find a place deep down where the Founder’s Orb lays. They get it, but struggle to get out. After some water-rising… for some reason, Dhurke manages to swim with Apollo out to safety.
Suddenly we’re back in the entrance to the Kurain Village.

There we meet Ashiton again, but along side Mr. Wright. Turns out, Mr. Wright believes the Founder’s Orb is the Crystal of Ami Fey… I forgot there was even a crystal. But the Founder’s Orb doesn’t look like it fits the Ami urn.
So as a result of this debate, we now have a civil trial against Mr. Wright! I was… moderately interested by this when we first saw a hint of it in the trailers.

So now we’re here. Fighting against Mr. Wright to prove that the Founder’s Orb is what it is.
And… We did, with a bit of logic thinking and evidence. I mean… I can’t muster much about this portion of the trail. Though by the time we essentially proved it, Mr. Wright would say no it’s not still.
Out of desperation obviously, but not like a normal Turnabout. Seemingly enough we’re going through a similar situation to ‘Justice for All’ except we’re not playing as Mr. Wright right now… and ultimately less interesting, I think.
But Maya’s being held hostage by Inga Karkhull Khura’in if they don’t get the Founder’s Orb back, basically.

In a second portion of the trial, it moves from a proving it’s the Founder’s Orb, to who killed Archie Buff.
One of the witnesses, Sarge, was there with his drone to witness the crime. Man, this thing must have insane amount of battery life… Yes, that’s the only thing I questioned at first glance.
We learn a few things. He has a fear of fire due to the loss of his mother, he saw something appear out of the Founder’s Orb. Some faceless woman that we’ve definitely seems before. And then the big shock… Sarge, real name: Armie Buff, is actually… female. A young female in a wheelchair at that. The shock wasn’t too big to me as other gender situations we’ve gotten in the past on Ace Attorney games. Not like I saw it coming though.
By the way, this was found through the Mood Matrix. Uh yeah, Athena’s here. She certainly is…

A little detail was that she was pushed. So someone was behind her, and only after she left did Mr. Buff get killed by Ahiston. Something heavy pushed down from the second floor and hitting Mr. Buff on the head. This way, Ashiton could get the Founder’s Orb back, but he couldn’t find it.

I’m kinda skimming through this because this was kinda my mindset throughout this first case. Really, I wanted to get back to Khura’in for the final part of the plot to take place, but this part of the Episode was so boring to me.
I swear, this was going to be Episode 4, but we needed a case with Athena in control. So they made Episode 4 the way it was and then combined the would-be Episode 4 with 5. That’s how I saw it.

The Founder’s Orb has been given back to Dhurke with 3 quarters of the secret revealed, and we’re going to Khura’in now.
But not before seeing Armie get off the wheelchair to embrace her future… as she was scarred before, and getting a phone call from Inga. Maya is someone who could channel the person in the Founder’s Orb, but she’s not the only one who could potentially do it. But with a deal, they settle to go back to Khura’in, meet in a certain area, and do a trade.

Now things get confusing. Let’s see…
They get back and go to the Royal Residence, where Amara’s Tomb is, where the trade will happen.
Guards appear and Dhurke goes in as he’s allowed, but nothing happens for around 20 minutes. So they go in, only to find Dhurke with a dagger in his hand, Inga dead, and Maya falling unconscious.
Sounds clear for now, but with so many details, my head sometimes can’t so easily wrap everything around here.

For the record as I didn’t feel that I needed to talk about it at all previously, but Inga is Rayfa’s… ‘father’.
And also, I didn’t know how to say this, but uh, Edgeworth is with us. May I ask, why? There’s not real reason for him to be here.

We do a bit of investigating in the tomb, Inga’s Private Quarters, and all that. That’s split between Apollo and Mr. Wright as later on Apollo is tasked with taking care of the Founder’s Orb.
Small thing, on Mr Wright’s side of things, he bumps into Rayfa again. Upset not only by her father’s death, but also Nayna’s gone missing.
Now hidden in the old Sahdmadhi Law Offices.

When it comes to the Khura’in Detention Centre to question Dhurke, it turns out he fell unconscious the moment he went in the Tomb. Wonderful, and we don’t know the reason why.
This case is also doubling as the case that’ll bring truth to the assassination of Queen Amara from 23 years ago, and stuff.
Though we kinda find out that Amara’s still alive. Through a photo that was taken within the 23 years everyone thought she was dead.
And why would Dhurke do the assassination anyway? He apparently loves his wife, Amara. Yeesh, so much added to my head… Also getting L.A. Noire out of this, but I don’t know why.
The last thing he says though is that there’ll be a difficult truth Apollo will find out throughout the trial.

Anyway, after tons of info, we’re about to go to the courtroom, but not before seeing he Revolution already taking place.
Anyway, to the courtroom with Apollo and Mr. Wright. The start of the Revolution doesn’t do anything here. They’re just in the gallery along with Athena.
We’re not exactly facing off against Nahyuta now though. That’s where Ga’ran Sigatar Khura’in comes in. Obviously the main villain here because of her design. Not a big fan of her, but she does her job well I guess.

She kinda reminds me of Kristoph Gavin in a sense, where he think’s the Law is absolute, but Ga’ran in this case is ‘the personification of the law’. She can even change the law whenever and however she sees fit. Just a way to make the defence more likely lose. Jesus, at that point you put in a law saying the defence will always lose.
Sounds like Space Jam.
Her design in her Queen outfit, I couldn’t care about. Same goes for her prosecutor outfit. Though I would prefer it if she didn’t transform into her prosecutor outfit immediately. Like maybe after a light break down, then she’d reveal her true colours, but oh well.

Last thing is a nitpick, but hate being around Ga’ran because sometimes, she has her men with her on certain occasions… which slow the game down to what I swear is 12 frames per second!

So firstly, proving Dhurke’s innocence.
That didn’t go very well. Rayfa took quite a bit of time to finally have the confidence to face her father’s death.
She did eventually and we find out that Inga was killed way earlier than thought. 2pm, but Rayfa had still seen him at around 2:30 amongst others.

It’s speculated that Ga’ran channeled him, but that’s false as she was busy doing that elsewhere. So Maya’s the only other option, though it was really a stretch. So the last option is Nayna, who was theorised to be Amara. After all, we know she isn’t dead based on a certain piece of photo evidence.

During the break, Dhurke runs away for some reason and after a break, Nayna comes on, soon to reveal she’s Amara. That’s one hell of a disguise.
But the rabbit hole gets deeper. We soon find out that there were two murders in this case. One is Inga as we all know. The other is… Dhurke. Killed off by Inga while he was still alive.
This upsets Apollo and Nahyuta, but they couldn’t disappoint him, and pressed on to find the truth.
I felt upset for the loss of Dhurke, but Apollo I honestly couldn’t entirely… feel for. I mean as far as I’m aware, they barely knew each other. The only thing they ever reminisce over is the time where Dhurke risked his life to save Apollo and Nahyuta from a river current.

If I may add a bit more though, I did like that not only Apollo and Nahyuta seemed to get more and more shocked from the revelations, but also Rayfa as she soon finds out that Dhurke is her biological father.
It was slightly strange seeing her crying like the way she did. Kinda like Franziska von Karma from Justice for All’s ending.

But oookay, Maya channeled Dhurke as his dying wish, and that’s when they went back to the US for the first half of this case.
Meanwhile, Inga was stabbed in the back at some point and died in the Tomb as the Divination Seance showed us. Amara at some point, then channeled Inga from within his Private Quarters and went out to the Tomb fearing he’d be late for the agreement with Dhurke. That’s how she got inside the Tomb unsuspected.
When Dhurke came back, he went into the Tomb and he lost consciousness as his spirit was dragged out of Maya. Letting Maya go back to the chair she was meant to be caught up in.
The Dhurke we had with us was actually Amara, and his body is within the Tomb of Amara’s Tomb. I guess it’s now Dhurke’s Tomb… right?

Amara still didn’t know that Dhurke loved her, but the proof was wit the necklaces they had.
So she confesses that she killed Inga, which was needed to prevent anymore corrupted to come to Khura’in, really. He really wanted the Founder’s Orb for spiritual power.
She was still hiding something and her burn mark by her chest told us that the person in a certain photo was actually Amara. Not Ga’ran. So she couldn’t kill him at the time.
Before Amara could continue though, she was shot in the stomach by one of Ga’ran’s men. That bitch!

After a recess, Nahyuta at the witness stand then confesses his guilt to killing Inga. Alright, now this is just getting dumb.
Anyway, from here it’s revealed that the baby in a certain photo is actually Rayfa. And being held by Amara, and soon revealed that Rayfa’s mother is… Amara. Not Ga’ran.
Nahyuta was trying to protect Rayfa. But that doesn’t help much as they still need to prove that Dhurke had nothing to do with the assassination from 23 years ago.

With a photo of Jove Justice given to us by Dhurke, we could use the Divination Seance to determine the real killer that links to this case.
Now this was pretty cool to me. I don’t know why, but I suppose it’s got backgrounds and we can see the place burning down… sorta. It’s more or less red, but still. There was a lot more to see and stuff. There were a lot of senses, but don’t be intimidated. It’s pretty easy, if you know what to look for, which fortunately for me, I did within my second look at the vision.
Oh by the way, baby Justice. Isn’t that cute?
Even as a baby, he has horned hair. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was already born with hair at this point…

So it turns out by looking in a conveniently placed mirror, we found out the killer wore gloves, keeping Dhurke’s fingerprints on it. Bracelets around the person’s wrist seemed to belong to Inga- no wait, Ga’ran.
With enough proof Nahyuta takes back his confession and Ga’ran’s all on her own. Taking off the glove on his right hand, revealing the mark of the Defiant Dragons. It looked pretty awesome though.

Proof that Ga’ran was the killer of both cases. Well through clothing, we found out the killer of Jove was Ga’ran, and then for this case, she wore Dhurke’s clothes. Taken from the man himself while he was dead in the Tomb. Okay, now that’s weird…
Knowing of Inga’s disorder, she could hide that it was actually her who killed him.

It didn’t matter though, she could still rewrite the law. What’s next? Even if the queen’s guilty, she goes free?
But I guess the last thing to dethrone her because she actually can’t channel spirits or do anything worthy of the throne.
With some Revisualisation, and Turnabout Mode, Apollo uses his standing Heavy on not only Ga’ran, but some of her men too. “It’s time to pay for your crimes!” (He didn’t say that…) Hyper Combo KO!

So that’s over.
I skimmed a lot and I probably even missed out quite a number of important things. There was tons to take in and I didn’t want to write everything that happened in this… But this is a final case for you, though I don’t recall it ever getting this insanely confusing.
Actually to make the case slightly more interesting to me, I literally played Pursuit Cornered 2004 (and Variation) when I knew we were about to catch the real killer. Now that I think about it, they should’ve played Pursuit~ Cornered (Apollo Justice) to end it off. Let’s be real, Apollo’s the main star of the end of the game. There wasn’t even the trio finger pointing that Dual Destinies had because Athena wasn’t with us… and Mr. Wright doesn’t do enough in this Episode as a whole.

My favourite parts were the bits with Dhurke because I thought was such a good character. Even though we only knew him for a short amount of time. It’s a shame when we eventually found out he died.
I’d like it if we could see more interactions between Dhurke and Nahyuta though since they’ve been together longer than Apollo was with him, but I guess with the position Nahyuta was in, they couldn’t really… do that.

With that said though, the group celebrated with Mr. Wright commenting that he feels like he learnt quite a bit from him. Just like Mia to Mr. Wright, but now a question arose. Will Apollo Justice stay and aid with the revolution amongst other things, or go back to the US to continue his work there.
Ultimately, he decided stay in Khura’in. Half-bugged me, but that’s partly because I still didn’t really buy it that he at first lived in this Kingdom. Not like it’s untrue. It’s just… eh. I don’t see it. I’m sorry.

Rayfa is crowned the new princess, looking even more cheerful and cuter than before. I didn’t think that was possible.
… And that’s the end.

After the Credits, Mr. Wright talks to someone we can’t see. It didn’t take me very long to figure out who it was.
If you couldn’t figure it out for whatever reason, well it’s Thalassa Gramarye (Lamiroir). Seeing how far Apollo’s come and all.

Final Thoughts:
And these are probably going to change some time. Who knows.
I thought the beginning of the game was pretty solid. Episode 1 introduced us to this Kingdom. Episode 2 we went into filler territory, and there’s always going to be one dumb or otherwise. And then Episode 3 I think showed Khura’in it’s most interesting case.
Episode 4 was just… there, however since it was short and had its moments. I thought it was good at least, it’s just that it’s not a part of the main plot. Episode 5 was half-boring to me. The case in Khura’in was where I thought the Episode shined. Not my favourite case, but it did the job well enough.

You know what, apart from the needed build up, I think that if the title was more accurate, then I think I’d be bitching less about Apollo and… the title. I don’t know. Name it Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney & Apollo Justice…
Featuring Athena Cykes from the Ace Attorney series.
Wait, never mind.

Though I still stand by Athena Cykes should’ve gotten much more screen time. She has no reason to be in this game except for the occasional Mood Matrix.
It took 3 games for Apollo to become on line with Mr. Wright. Athena better be on par with Mr. Wright by the end of the next game. Hell, make the next game Athena Cykes: Ace Attorney!
God forbid if they introduce ANOTHER Ace Attorney character to the Wright Anything Agency…
You know what though, I think Apollo might get his own game again. He’s staying in Khura’in and Rayfa’s there with a gimmick that can’t be taken out of the place. And I feel like the developers like to reuse gimmicks whenever possible.

Maya Fey, the returning character after around 2 mainstream games, disappointed me. While I was kinda glad to see Maya mature, she didn’t get enough screen time and was just there to have the plot moving. After Maya was arrested in the 3rd Episode I didn’t expect to get abducted soon after!

End of Part 2
We don't have much now. It's just the Special DLC Episode released recently, which I'm nearly done with at the time of this journal.

Please tell me your thoughts of each case (Episodes 4 to 5) in the comments. Just interested.

Part 3

- GamefreakDX

This Episode Discussion of Spirit of Justice covers Episodes 1 through 3.

Spoilers are everywhere here. So if you haven’t played the game yet and you don’t want to be spoiled, run away far from here, now!
… Okay then. Let’s go!

Episode 1. The Foreign Turnabout:
Mr. Wright’s arrival to the Kingdom of Khura’in where he plans to meet up with Maya Fey, his old assistant. Though that’ll have to wait around oh, 2 weeks. So in the mean time, Ahlbi Ur’gaid  gives Mr. Wright a tour, but gets arrested for murdering Paht Rohl, attempting to steal the Founder’s Orb, and now you have to defend him… even though Ahlbi is reluctant. Turns out no one in this country really trusts lawyers because they apparently spout out lying crap. Not even Ahlbi, but if he’s found guilty, you will too, and you’ll get executed.
The Prosecutor is of course, Gaspen Payne. You know, he must feel much more powerful here. Let’s be real, Khura’in here doesn’t really trust lawyers, and he’d probably think the Divination Seance will throw him off. Well too bad.

As a first case, I think it’s great. It gets you accustomed to the basics of Ace Attorney, and the new gimmick, the Divination Seance. It’s here where you also meet Rayfa Padma Khura’in for the first time.
I have to always remind myself that she’s not a young adult. More like a young teenager. I’m not the only one who thinks she doesn’t look 14, right? Right?
For her age though, she’s mature though, which I like. I’m personally not really one for immature people, normally. Though she actually does portray immaturity when Mr. Wright proves Rayfa’s claims to be false. It was actually quite funny and… oddly cute. Probably because I somehow knew she’d never really act like this again throughout the game.

By the way, should I feel lucky about the Divination Seance as a whole in this game? I’ve heard horror stories about how much of a difficult time they had with it, spending around 2 hours looking for the correct Sense and/or Statement? But I’ve had a rather easy time with them throughout. Occasionally I’d have to think insanely hard to get it right.
Damn. Makes me feel that bit smarter… not really.

The rest of the case is rather standard, but not before meeting Pees’lubn Andistan’dhin. A musician who was at the scene of the crime. At first, he seems like a normal acoustic guitar player, but then soon, he brings out freaking speakers and starts to rock out!
I won’t lie, that made me laugh. It was so strange to me, but I liked it. He somewhat reminded me of Birdly from ‘Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney’ but unlike him, when he’s singing, the text’s beeps match the vocals and guitar.
I liked the attention to detail, but at some point, it started to get a bit annoying. But at least I ca skip through the text after one read through.

By the end, we find out that Andistan’dhin was not only the actual thief, but also the murderer of Paht Rohl.
See? Not a very complex case. It’s the first Episode, I doubt it would be, but it gets us into the general plot of the story and I’m down with that.

Now they’re done there, they can go to meet up with Maya, but first, 2 weeks to kill. Time for a tour!

At the end of the case, we got a cutscene of some shady guys in a dank place. The main rebels leading the revolution it seems.

Episode 2: The Magical Turnabout:
Trucy Wright’s got another magic show happening, but of course, someone ends up dying and Trucy’s the one pinned for the murder of Mr. Reus. Fortunately, Apollo Justice and Athena Cykes were there at the scene of the crime, and in no time decide to defend Trucy.
I think this is the first time Trucy is actually being put on Trial for murder, now that I think about it.
Oh and by the way, we’re not in Khura’in at the moment. So my first question was what this Case would do to the overall plot.

So, we’re introduced to a couple of characters such as Bonny de Famme and Roger Retinz. One’s a bunny-like magician like Trucy. The other as far as we’re aware, is a TV Producer.
We get a bit more info on the characters such as Bonny actually being a big fan of Trucy and that’s what got her to be a Magician to begin with, but soon enough, it seems like she’s lying. Spouting extremely hateful things towards her.
At first, I couldn’t put a finger on Bonny. I wasn’t sure what to make of her… and even by the end of the case, I still didn’t, really. I like Bonny, but I don’t have much to say about her. She’s cute, and I like clumsy characters for humorous reasons… but I can’t say more than that.
Roger Retinz gets Trucy to sign a contract so she could appear on his TV show… or something to that effect. Unfortunately, if the thing didn’t go through at all, then she’d have to pay 3 Billion Dollars. Basically from the Wright Anything Agency. She works there after all, but god damn…
By the end of the investigation, Roger sticks things all over the office of the Wright Anything Agency as they’re about to sell everything in there and they’ll have to move out tomorrow. Wow, what a prick. He sounds desperate for money, but… he can’t be that desperate. He runs a freaking TV show, damn it!
… His face annoys me.

During the investigation, one of the questions prominent in this case is how certain magic tricks worked. Particularly, teleportation magic (for Bonny and how Trucy got out of a box) and switching of the swords (from real to rubber) before Mr. Reus was killed.
You know, the investigation parts seemed to take a much longer time than usual, but I suppose that’s because they have to get the Trial in one go or else they’ll basically become homeless. But unfortunately, I don’t feel like there was enough emotional panic to the fact that they’ll probably lose everything.
Maybe they were just that confident…?

By the time we enter the courtroom, we find out more about a few things. Minor things not really important to the actual case, but still.
We’re introduced to the prosecutor for the game: Nahuyta Sahdmadhi! A prosector I don’t really have much good to say about. He’s from Khura’in and like most people there, he hates lawyers. Like any prosecutor, he’ll do anything to get a guilty verdict. Unlike other prosecutors, I don’t feel that he has as much of a personality. It’s mostly the ‘Let it go and move on,’ treatment and it gets annoying.
The only thing I like about him… was more of a joke he made once in this court. He does research on quite a number of things before a trial session. One thing he researched was greetings. Only coming up with the… really informal stuff. But that’s just one time.
Also turns out Apollo seems to recognise him. That’s nice.
At least this theme song’s good. Better than Simon Blackquill’s, I think.

Throughout the trial, we find out with the Mood Matrix that the Bonny at the witness stand was just a double, called Betty de Famme. The older twin sister of Bonny. Also that Bonny has a slight inferiority complex. So now that’s cleared up, but my opinions haven’t exactly changed about Bonny. Betty too, but she’s just meaner.
Then they both testify.
I thought it was interesting though. Probably the closest thing to Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney’s Witch Trials we’ll ever get in a mainstream AA game.
We get to find out how the teleportation spell worked, which I’m not surprised by, and soon after how the sword-switching worked. I still don’t know how it works.
Turns out this was also all a prank, shown on television as it’s something the two agreed to as well as Trucy… apparently. Quite a harsh prank I have to say. Though it’s the reason why a few ‘unexpected’ things happened during the performance, minus the actual death of Mr. Reus.

There was multiple footages of the performance. One of which was moderately creepy: focusing on Bonny and only Bonny. The other was edited… very cleanly I must add. I don’t even know how to respond to that. Retinz must’ve got super lucky with where she was standing and how she was posing. Any other way and she would’ve suddenly moved an inch. But it was there to remove the sword-switching trick.
Might I add that I struggled with that moment of finding the difference between the footages. My fault really, but the fact they weren’t side by side got me lost for quite a while.
It’s revealed that Retinz did this because he actually hates Trucy and the Troupe Gramarye, though we heard that before. It’s only because he was rejected by the group as he wasn’t good enough at the time. That’s it. At that point, you practice and go back to ask… right? He didn’t have to go to that extreme of lengths. Not like he was very old either.
Also turns out he’s the true Mr. Reus and the one that died was merely a fan. Poor him. Being raised up to his death by a sword that was placed out of the audience’s sight.

The last thing was placing Retinz at the scene of the crime and he was there, to switch a box the opposite way so the victim would fall forwards when the box opened. Though he forgot about the finger prints in there which were facing the opposite way. Just a result of more errors from the performance.
So we got Roger Retinz. Yay. We’ve got all of our stuff back too!

And by the end, Apollo helps Trucy with her next magic trick. We never see what happens after though. Maybe he got hurt badly? Nah, he’ll be fine.

The case was good and all. I liked that Trucy was finally put on trial and I don’t know, I feel like I’ve got a slightly higher opinion of her since her debut in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney.
The case-exclusive characters were good and all. Betty sees the error of her ways and is implied to actually be a fan of Trucy’s after all, like Bonny. Bonny becomes a bit braver just like how Trucy was during the trail, and that’s about it. It’s simple, but it’s good enough development for just a single case.
I’d argue this doesn’t do much to the overall plot, but this is something that happens throughout the series anyway.

Episode 3: The Rite of Turnabout:
My favourite case of the game.
This one’s interesting, really. I’ll go a bit more into that later, but for the basic opening. The people of Khura’in are worshipping… for an extremely long time I may add. Around 15 hours? Goodness. But it’s here where we reunite with Maya Fey! Woo!
After a bit of talk, Maya had to go up to the Inner Sanctum to do more spiritual training, and Mr. Wright is told to pray alongside everyone else there, but doesn’t last very long and fall unconscious. Once he awakens, Maya’s turned out to be framed for the murder of Tahrust Inmee, a Priest.
So Mr. Wright goes to investigate, but not before being stopped by Rayfa. Not surprising she doesn’t trust him, but because of that, she tags along and I love the dialogue between them. And it always seems that Rayfa’s a bit… uninformed about the world. Forensic science, for example. But that’s what Nayna’s for… for the most part.

Most of the investigating is done in the Inner Sanctum, but we get a few more strange details such as Maya noticing the pool of water present at the crime scene was red… for some reason, and she even fell unconscious (or asleep) during the Rite. Seems she was drugged. Ah, that sounds familiar…
We also got to learn about Lady Kee’ra a bit. Basically a person who goes out of her way to defeat rebels of Khura’in.
And something else not so important… but there’s a show there called the Plumed Punisher. Listen to that theme song and you’ll know it’s a rip off- I-I mean, completely original. Coincidental that it’s VERY similar to the Steel Samurai.
I actually didn’t like the theme though.

During the first Trial session, we find out the victim was the one who turned to Lady Kee’ra and then he got stabbed.
Before I continue, may I ask why Maya’s at the Defence’s desk? I mean it brings back memories, sure, but the thing is, is that Maya doesn’t even investigate with us. So… what’s the point? I’d say Rayfa would work better there as she actually follows Mr. Wright, but she has her own duty so… you know what? Never mind.
I just thought he was going to punch her or something, but it was strange. Fists vs Dagger doesn’t normally work out well. But it also seems like Mr. Inmee turned around to face Kee’ra. Making it look like Maya dressed up as her. I guess it’s lucky that we could tell he turned around because of lights that surrounded them.
Didn’t matter too much still though. The murder weapon, the Dagger, had Maya’s finger prints on it. Though a question stood too: was Tahrust Inmee a rebel?

Desperate, they still managed to find a new witness.. though apparently he hit his head so hard during some fall (with a parachute, mind you) that he gained amnesia. Don’t worry, he got his memory back and high tailed it out of there, but he wasn’t the murderer, or the one who dressed up as Lady Kee’ra.
Since it wasn’t him though, Mr. Wright had no other leads. So they both got a Guilty verdict and automatic Game Over. Nah, I’m only kidding, though it did make me worry at first. Did I mess up badly at some point!?

Turns out they were saved as another murder was discovered. Mr. Wright figured it was part of this current case, so they let him investigate again.

Rayfa’s back with us! Yay! And this time, she feels moderately upset at a couple of points when Ahlbi comes back and pretty much says right in front of the young Princess that he believes in Mr. Wright. Quite the drama queen she is. She faints at situations like these. Sheesh.
I liked that though. I mean we got a glimpse of it in the first investigation sequence, but now we can see even more that she’s beginning to doubt herself and what she believes in.

Anyway, throughout the investigation, we come across the witness from before who had amnesia, Datz Are’bal. We find him in the manhole and in a place no one in Khura’in really seems to know otherwise. Quite surprising if you ask me. I mean they’ve been here for 23 years! Someone else is bound to have found out one way or another, right?
But yeah, he’s truthful on that he didn’t kill anyone. In there though, we also find a few things in relation to the revolution we’ve been hearing about every now and then.
Surprisingly nice of a person. Makes me also wonder when the Episode 1 end cutscene took place. It was Datz there, right?

Datz gives us something to proceed deeper into the Inner Sanctum which reveals to us the true crime scene. A bit of blood findings tell us that amongst other hints.

In the second Trial, we find out the other victim is called Rheel Neh’mu, but before that, he goes by a fake name. Which explains why the Divination Seance would work the first time. Interesting way to get past it if you ask me, but that didn’t last very long.
Maya’s back with us on the defence, but she still didn’t investigate with us. She doesn’t really have a reason to be there.

We soon find out where Rheel was, who killed him (more so by accident), why the water in the Inner Sanctum is red and all that.
He was stabbed in the back and actually it turned out he died first… well duh, explains the red water, but I’m kinda surprised no one noticed any blood. The Dagger was put in later I think, but still.
We couldn’t get really far though, and it’s then when Maya decides to channel Tahrust Inmee since most of the answers lay within him.
Now that I think about it though, I don’t really see why keeping Spirit Channeling a secret was an entirely big deal. It’s something mostly done by royals in Khura’in, sure, but Maya just ignores it anyway. Not like there’s any law behind it or anything. So to me, it makes the fact she had to keep it a secret a bit… pointless. But anyway, everyone’s surprised. Even Rayfa herself, who mocked Maya over it initially.

Man, it was so weird to see Mr. Inmee in Maya’s body. I mean… I don’t know. It was actually a bit disturbing to be honest, but anyway…
He had a relatively solid alibi, so it was tough to crack, but we soon got more info. Even going as far as to bring his wife, Beh’leeb Inmee, involved. Maybe she was the murderer for all we know.
Well, not exactly. Rheel found out about the Rebel Hideout in the Inner Sanctum because of Beh’leeb and he tries to attack her. In defence, she pushes over a giant piece of rock over him, and falls back, eventually leading him to being stabbed. And the only reason we knew it was her in there was because we heard the Steel Samurai theme, which the person in the Seance mistook as the Plumed Punisher theme.
You know, I’m surprised there isn’t really a sound in the Divination Seance ever labelled as ‘???’ or something to tell us that they don’t know what it is at all.

Mr. Inmee tried to cover this up by also getting himself killed on purpose, and then pin the blame all on Maya.
Helped that the murder weapon was last held by Maya, so her fingerprints are on it still. But no, we were able to prove Maya’s innocence.

Gotta say, the ending to the Trial was pretty sad. Mr. Inmee was sent back to the Twilight Realm and Beh’leeb cries. Deciding to carry on with the revolution alongside everyone else involved. No use hiding about it now.
So the Guilty verdict from before was taken back and now they’re both Not Guilty. We’re free!
I’d say Beh’leeb Inmee was a bit lucky to avoid a Guilty verdict. She killed someone out of self-defence by accident, sure, but a murder is a murder, isn’t it…?

Anyway, at the end of the case, Mr. Wright and Maya celebrate their victory in the lobby and Rayfa kinda joins in too. Firstly apologising to Maya for her rudeness. She goes on to question herself, and if she’s even worthy of becoming queen in the future. Maya gives her support and this really shows that she’s not the childish Maya from before. From the support she gives Rayfa to even how she looks.
I don’t know, when Maya slightly narrows her eyes to be happy for Rayfa, she looks much more mature. It’s kinda strange to be honest. I really don’t think Maya looks that different from her Trilogy days if I’m honest.

End of Part 1
And that's it for now. There's only two episodes remaining, not counting the DLC case which at this point in time, has yet to come out.

Please tell me your thoughts of each case (Episodes 1 through 3) in the comments. Just interested.

Part 2

- GamefreakDX

Court is now in session! *ahem* Hi.
It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, and I’ve been busy with drawing too. Here’s my Spoiler-Free review of Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice.

And as a fore-warning, I’m actually NOT an Ace Attorney fan (necessarily), but I am aware of the stories of all the previous games except of a couple of Spin-offs. So any big fan of AA who disagrees with me, please don’t burn me alive! I’m more or less casual with the series.
Even though I’m not necessarily a fan of the Ace Attorney series, it is one I’ve been incredibly interested in. I started with believe it or not, ‘Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney’ (PLvPW). I already liked Professor Layton, so I figured this game would be a good starting point, but then missed out on ‘Dual Destines’ (DD), released after PLvPW.

When Spirit of Justice was announced, I was hyped for a couple of reasons. My main reasons was because I liked the concept of the Divination Seance. Secondly: Maya Fey was coming back! I think quite a number of people were looking forward to her return. I was just curious with how they’d handle both things and now, here we are.

So, did they satisfy me with the two things I was most looking forward to with this game? Let’s find out now.
Firstly, let’s begin with the plot.
Now for those of you who watched the Anime intro found online, you’ll know what happens which gets Phoenix Wright to the Kingdom of Khura’in.
Mr. Wright essentially decides to pay Maya Fey a visit as she’s nearly done with her training on gaining more Spiritual Power. In the Anime, it seems Mr. Wright was more urgent to go once he heard Maya scream, but in the game, it seems as if nothing happened.
Anyway, once Mr. Wright arrives, he’s greeted by Alhbi Ur’gaid, who proceeds to give Mr. Wright a tour of the place. Soon leading them to the Tehm’pul Temple where they not only got to see Rayfa Padma Khura’in performing the Dance of Devotion, but Ahlbi also got arrested and put on trial.
Mr. Wright goes to his trial and only to find that he doesn’t have an attorney to help him prove his innocence. So Mr. Wright decides to defend him.
…And that’s where the game begins.

The game goes deeper. Talking about some Revolution and the Laws of the Country. Namely that if the accused is found guilty, then the lawyer will also be found guilty… and executed.
Yeesh, that’s pretty harsh. Definitely raises the stakes. But I think this makes for an interesting premise.

Mr. Wright isn’t the only playable character however. Apollo Justice and Athena Cykes also have their share of cases and stories, as they didn’t come along with Mr. Wright to Khura’in. And to be honest, this is something that moderately bothers me for two reasons.
One reason is because Athena really doesn’t contribute anything to the plot. And two, by the end game, I actually started to question the title of this game. I’m not kidding. Certainly makes sense for say, the first half of the game.

If I was to give my opinion on the overall plot, I think it’s good, however, I think it gets incredibly slow and a bit boring by the end. Not entirely, but a bit.

If you’re thinking of having this game be your first AA game, well… don’t. Like any AA game, there’s tons of dialogue. That by itself may bore you, especially if you don’t understand what’s going on or who these characters are.
Like any Ace Attorney game, you’ll come across a ton of different characters. Some relevant to the overall plot and some are case-exclusive.

The main new character of interest is Rayfa Padma Khura’in. A 14 year-old girl who’s to be the future princess of Khura’in. Am I the only one who thinks she doesn’t look 14 years old…? Anyone…?
Anyway, I quite like Rayfa. Not only is she cute, but I think she has a good personality. Definitely the one that gets most development as you can see her change from her ‘the Divination Seance is the sole truth’ mentality and stuff, to… whatever the end game gives us of her.

Nahyuta Sahdmadhi is the prosecutor of this game and to be honest, I don't like him that much. Like Simon Blackquill, he does have something to hide, revealed at the end of the game, but before that, I don't feel like the game does a good job giving me a reason to like him otherwise.
To me, it's always simply been the 'Let it go and move on' treatment. Gods, is this what the Kingdom of Khura'in is like?

Most of the other new, relatively plot-important characters are good and all too, though I don’t have much to say about them. Not even Ahlbi. The first person you meet in this Kingdom.
He's nice and he has a dog. That's... about as much as I can say.

For the returning characters? Namely Maya, Apollo and Athena?
Unfortunately, I don't feel like Maya got much screen time in this game. She ends up being more of a plot device. You can definitely tell she's matured a bit. A bit... But it's something I suppose. Sorta depressing to me, actually...
Apollo gets the most amount of development in this game and there's a good reason for that, but I'd be spoiling things if I said why.
Athena is... there. Worse than Maya, I think. To be perfectly honest, and not to put hate on the character, but I feel like she's still incompetent in the courtroom. I'd probably have a different opinion here if she had more than one case in this game where she was playable.

Then there’s the case-exclusive characters. I don’t have much to complain about with the normal witnesses. Most of the villains are… okay at best. Most of them have basic motives if you ask me. Jealousy or petty revenge, etc. I feel like we’ve had much more interesting villains in the past, but at least some raise the stakes.
Usually there’s around one case-exclusive character I end up liking a lot and at least Spirit of Justice has one for me.
For anyone who’s played the other Ace Attorney games, they should be able to jump right in for the most part.
All the things that made the game easier from DD made a return. So now you know what to examine in locations without poking around randomly in investigations, if you’re lost, you have Notes in the Court Record to tell you of your next objective(s), Consulting in court, etc.

Investigations have you looking around crime scenes, collecting evidence or talking with people related with the crime in any sense in order to get more information out of them.
While Trials have you calling witnesses to testify and breaking their testimonies to reveal inconsistencies with the evidence and drag the truth out of them. Present false evidence and you’ll receive a Penalty. Get 5 and it’s a Game Over.

Investigations and Trials are more than just that though.
Within Investigations, Mr. Wright and Mr. Justice both have their own special abilities to get more info out of their witnesses if they’re lying.
Mr. Wright has his Magatama for Psyche Locks. I still think the concept is cool, but unfortunately, unlike ‘Justice for All’ and ‘Trials and Tribulations’ you can break the Locks the moment they appear, which removes quite a bit of challenge if you ask me. I’d say that’s good for me. After all, I’m quite terrible at AA games, but give me a bit of challenge. To me, this just makes investigation a bit more boring. Not like there’s any penalties either.
Mr. Justice’s Bracelet for Perceiving is there to find random twitching during a statement to see if they’re hiding anything. I don’t exactly mind these. They’re quicker than Psyche Locks at least, but I swear the game can be picky about where they want me to focus on. The arm and hand are both moving during a certain statement, but you can’t just focus on the hand. Focus on the arm in particular!
That tripped me up so badly I got confused to whether that was the correct thing to look for.

Trials give us Athena Cykes’s Widget for the Mood Matrix. A concept I think is still cool and is as good as it is in Dual Destinies, I think. However, you don’t use it anywhere near it as much since she’s no where near as playable as in Dual Destinies. Does the job though.
The new addition to Trials is Rayfa’s Divination Seance. A concept I loved when I heard about it. Letting the player see the victim’s last memories before they died, including their 5 senses. Rayfa gives her insight on what happened and it’s your job to find the inconstancies. Finding one will have Rayfa correct either her insight statement or the vision itself. I actually quite liked it though and I thought it worked well.

My main issue here is that because there are so many different characters now and showing different sides of the story, I don’t feel like any one gimmick here is given enough attention. Not even the Divination Seance. Fortunately, none of the gimmicks are hard to understand, but still, I’d rather focus on one or two.
Preferably one for the investigations, and one for the trials. But they’re so hell bent on furthering these character’s stories and developing them. This is ‘Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney’!

I have to say though, Mr. Wright was really lucky throughout the first game where he didn’t have anything on him and if the other person was lying, you just present evidence and get more out of them.
Graphically, the game looks great. Well animated characters and models, though I think it’d very slightly darker than DD. Maybe it’s just me, but Athena’s hair looks darker here than in DD, for example.
The animated cutscenes are great, but to be honest, I kinda expected more of them. I suppose that’s where the real time cutscenes come in and I don’t mind them, but I hate how they’re not voiced at all with a couple of exceptions. 
Maybe it’s my inner Professor Layton screaming out, but I dislike reading text boxes while the game plays real time cutscenes. I don’t know, it’s just really odd to me. What I find weirder however, is that sometimes they are voiced. Rare, but some are voiced, but to me, it’s inconsistent and it bugs me.

I might as well say this too, but coming to DD late, I was also kinda shocked that not all the interjections are voiced. Only the plot-important characters ever get to say ‘Hold it!’, ‘Objection!’, etc. and have them voiced. But not even Rayfa has all of her interjections voiced. Only her ‘That’s Enough!’.
Again, it’s me coming from Professor Layton, but I’m just a bit shocked. Are you surprised?
I know that the voice acting in this game’s not the best, but come on. Capcom hired them. The fact they’re barely used at all annoys me.

Oh well. Musically, the game’s soundtrack is great. Some of my favourites being Objection 2016 and Confess the Truth 2016. There are a few other stand-out tracks to me, but compared to other AA games, I’d say this game’s overall slightly weaker. Not by a whole lot, but weaker.
Overall, I think the game is good, but as far as I’m aware, I’ve experienced better Ace Attorney games.
Story-wise, it’s got a good concept and got me interested… somewhat, until after around the 4th or 5th Episode. By the end, I found it getting a bit… unbelievable. (I’d have to double check particularly ‘Apollo Justice Ace Attorney’ for the possible Plot Holes I’ve been hearing about)
I don’t hate the gameplay, but my main issue comes from too many gimmicks and having to focus on different characters when the game’s called ‘Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney’!
The graphics and music are fine, and really, most of these are nitpicks on my end, and I doubt all of you will agree with me anyway.

Again, if you’re an AA fan, then you’ll probably have a ton more to say about it than I do. If you’re not and this is your first game… then go back to the initial Trilogy and then some for the full story and back story of the characters here.

My Final Score is 7/10.
I feel really bad because to be honest, I’ve been slightly spoiled by PLvPW to the point where I’m expecting more things from this game (and DD, really), but aren’t in. Most are insignificant details though, to be fair.
But I know most of you won’t agree with me, but to me, there’s something really great to me about PLvPW. So in terms of story, I end up falling back on it… as far as 3DS titles go anyway. The Trilogy beats PLvPW for sure.

Thanks for reading, everyone, and if you have any opinions you’d like to share, please comment away. Keep it Spoiler-free thank you very much.
And if any of you want to hear my opinions on the Episodes and Cases themselves (with Spoilers), then don’t worry, I plan to make another Journal with my opinions on the cases, and what I liked and disliked.

Court's adjourned!

- GamefreakDX

Or well... technically an end-of-day post. So virtually not my Birth'day' anymore, but oh well.

Anyway, hello everyone.
Just a quick journal to thank everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday.
19 years and counting and I hope to continue drawing for you lot, big and small.

I'll see you all soon! Take care!

- GamefreakDX
I should really get to finishing the next commission...

*ahem* こんにちは!
I decided to go to Hyper Japan today (Sunday). Yay! Ultimately, it was for one reason which I... essentially missed, but more on that later. Here's my experience... for the two of you who are interested.

First and foremost, these are the pictures I were able to take with good quality Hyper Japan 2016- Photos by GamefreakDX
Not necessarily in order, but still.

Hyper Japan is nowhere near as big as MCM or Comic Con. So it was much easier for me to navigate, but it did still get crowded, though not as much as I heard it could get.

The first things I did was explore the vendors and then play a bit of Smash Wii U that was there for free play. It was 8-player Smash, which I had lots of fun with. I did get footage of some Smash matches where I wasn't playing, however... the file is unreadable on any of the computers I own. So for the time being, the file's just lost to the world. (Not like it was amazing anyway)

After that I had some lunch. It was Sushi from 'Yo! Sushi' and it was amazing. 「いただきまーす!」 I only had around half of it before I got full, so I saved some for later... uh... But I also had Bubble Tea which was okay. Not my favourite drink ever.

After lunch, I had a period where I just played Fire Emblem Fates to see the people I met. Some of the players I met... weren't players. Just the demos they showcased. Some others I visited their castles and some I battled.
I won some, but others obviously had completed their game and then some.
Me? I was using my Revelations save file which at the time of this Journal, am only half-way through (Chapter 16).
It was fun though. Good games, who ever I bumped into.

The last things I wanted to do was get photos of Fire Emblem Fates cosplayers, which there weren't many, but there was also a contest being held. At this point, my experience with Hyper Japan sorta got... worse. (Not exactly the convention's fault. More of Nintendo's on at a certain point)

Firstly, the contest was to be held at 14:10, but I didn't know that it was suddenly held like 30 minute later and I wasn't around the area at the time. Not many others knew about it too as far as I was aware. Thanks Nintendo UK.
So I only got the very end of the contest where... someone won. I couldn't see unfortunately, but congratulations to the winner.
On the bright side, the cosplays while not many, were really good. I only managed to get Azura and Hinoka before the rest had to go elsewhere. There was also Sakura, Elise and Chrom (though he's not from Fates, but I digress).

Secondly... and this was my fault really, but I bought a Marth Nendoroid, which was awesome. (Also my first Male Nendoroid), but right after I tried to put him in a carrier bag I had, my other half of Sushi I was saving fell out of the container it was in. It was tilted because the bag wasn't big enough, but I was quite upset. Wasted a bit of money there.

That was it though. I don't count the sweat I gained as a bad point. It's a given, really.
But the last thing I did, was buy some Sake. Yes, the alcoholic drink from Japan. It's a different flavour to the ones I had back in Hong Kong and Osaka too, so I'm interested in how these will taste. (No, I haven't tried them yet)
Unfortunately, I felt quite rude when I bought the Sake. Not like I yelled at them or something in anger, but I should've done something like bow in thanks or something respectful, but I didn't. I guess the heat got to me, or the stress of the Cosplay Contest, but never mind.

That was it though. My Hyper Japan experience. It doesn't seem like much, I didn't exactly cover everything I did, but at the same time, it wasn't exactly massive either. I really enjoyed it though and if I could, I'd go again. Maybe with friends in the future; all of my friends were busy.

TL;DR: Hyper Japan was amazing except for the end mess-ups at the end from Nintendo and myself.

And I'll see you all later, hopefully with more pictures and whatever.

- GamefreakDX
Expressions 07- Embarrassed by GamefreakDX I've got no April Fools joke here...

No, I'm serious! I'm back in England, but really, I'm too busy unpacking right now. But I have a few drawings planned. Hopefully I'll get them up soon.

That's about it... I'll see you all later!
I'll be rather quick about this, but I'm going to be away for at least a week from the 21st March onwards. I'm going to Hong Kong again over the Easter Holiday. Fortunately nowhere near as long as last year's trip and hopefully not as ungodly hot.
I'll be bringing my MacBook over to Hong Kong so I'll still be online when I'm there, but I can't upload art... except for one I'm uploading for later.

So... yeah, just a quick message. Thanks for reading and I'll see you all later!
- GamefreakDX
Hello again!
So not long after the Pokemon Direct... we got a new normal Direct and my first thought? You'd better not release any information on Pokemon Sun and Moon as the Pokemon Direct should've done that instead, and no we didn't get any.
Again, I'm watching the UK version of the Direct, but I'll go over some of the things the US version has later too.

So in order of the UK's Direct:
Star Fox Zero: So we've actually got more info on this now. The flying sections mostly seem unchanged except for the teleporters that can show up allowing you to access different areas of the stage. Different routes, different bosses as a result and even different overworld layouts.
Fortuna is a new stage they showed off... Looks cool. Then there's Star Wolf's team which you'll be fighting from time to time... in 'unexpected ways' they say, though they didn't exactly elaborate on that.
They told us about the controls which we knew about, but what we didn't know about was the Fox Amiibo (from Smash Bros.) and using it will let you play the game, but your ship will now be the classic SNES Star Fox version which is nice and all. Released 22nd April 2016.
Star Fox Guard: Not exactly a new game, but I figured I should separate them. So uh... Grippy (Slippy's Uncle) is collection rare materials from space, but having trouble because they're always under attack. So Slippy with the power of Camera Technology, helps his uncle get rid of the pests.
This is more like a minigame set and there's over 100 challenges in this they say. But beyond that, there's a stage maker for Guard... I think that's what it is. Released 22nd April 2016.
Splatoon: You lot are getting another update! Mostly balancing weapons and stuff, but also adding elements and more to Splatfests. Sheldon recommendations will also be a thing in this game (I liked that icon reference btw). This Recommendations thing is through updates though. and Vol. 1 will be available in April. Update on 9th March.
Mario and Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games: 3DS version released on 8th April 2016. Wii U version released 24th June 2016.
Super Mario Maker: More than 6.2 million stages made at this point. God damn... But they're adding more like Spiked Pillars from Super Mario World or Locked Doors or something. That's really cool though. We're also getting Super Expert mode in the 100 Mario Challenge. Good god... We're getting like Kaizo levels now or something...? But we are also getting more Mystery Mushrooms too. Update on 9th March.
Tokyo Mirage Sessons # FE: Released 24th June 2016.
Paper Mario: Colour Splash: So, a new Paper Mario game for the Wii U? Looks awesome! The world's being drained of its colour... Sounds like Kirby's Rainbow Curse. But you can splash certain areas to return colour to them or get items. But the gameplay is also similar to the normal Paper Mario games... as far as I'm aware.
For all I know it may take the Sticker Star route with the battle system, which not many people were fond of. And also, will there be a big story like the first three Paper Mario games? Released in 2016
My Nintendo: Now a new game, but the replacement to Club Nintendo... So sign up for it! You can earn point for purchasing Nintendo games and get rewards for them... just like Club Nintendo. (This is the European/Australian version, but you can change the language easily)
Flipnote Studio 3D: ...I want this.
Amiibo: Well we're getting more Animal Crossing cards and a few more figure Amiibos including the ones for Smash like Ryu and R.O.B., but also some for Amiibo Festival. Released 18th March 2016.
Hyrule Warriors Legends: As we expected, but they say you'll also get a code if you get a copy of the Hyrule Warriors Legends, you'll get a code to get the Legends-exclusive characters to the Wii U version. So you'll get the five new characters... and Ganon's Trident. Didn't expect that last one.
From launch day, Legends also gets a Season Pass for upcoming DLC for the game. At least four I believe. Also Medli (from Wind Waker) is another new character coming to the game if you buy both versions of the game. Man, that's a lot of new characters... Released 24th March 2016.
Yo-Kai Watch: Funny, I though this game was already out actually... Released 29th April 2016.
Disney: Art Academy: Released 15th July 2016. (I have no idea what to say about this...)
Metroid Prime: Federation Force: Ooh boy, here we go. The 4-player adventure thingy that they apparently had planned since 2009 actually, before moving the 3DS. I mean, to me it looks fine... in a sense. Samus isn't the main character in this game obviously, but they will assure you you're playing a Metroid Prime game... on the handheld. Hopefully better than Hunters. Released Summer 2016. (Not sure what people still make of this...)
Lost Reavers: Released 28th April 2016.
Super Nintendo Virtual Console: *sigh* for the New 3DS (and XL) only... Around two new games will be released every week. First week (now), Super Mario World and Earthbound will be released. And America? Well they get three games per week...
Azure Striker Gunvolt 2: Alright! Let's go! I saw a trailer from MagFest... sort of, it wasn't entirely clear because cameras, but now we can see it in all its glory. That and we also got artwork for Gunvolt, Copen and a new character: Ouka. I still wonder if Lumen's still a thing in this game...
Gunvolt's the same as always, but Copen is kinda much more of a close-range fighter. He Charges into them and then uses his gun to shoot homing shots into the enemies. Beyond that? He can copy the abilities of the new Bosses. Mega Man style! Now I'm down for that (let's see how much I suck at this game too XD). Released Summer 2016.
Fire Emblem Fates: Oh My GAAAWWWD! I want it so badly now! We already knew about the three sides, Birthright, Conquest and Revelation. But like Japan, we're getting a Special Edition with a cart that has all three games, a Special Case, an Artbook and a double-sided Poster!
There's also a imited edition New 3DS XL with the Fire Emblem Fates style to it. Birthright and Conquest will be released on 20th May 2016, and Revelations on 9th June 2016. But they don't tell us when the Special Edition's coming out! I don't even think we can pre-order it yet.
Dragon Quest VII: Released in 2016.
Monster Hunter Generation: Released Summer 2016. And people with Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate can also get Bonus Content for the game. Including some Fire Emblem cameos.
Rhythm Heaven Megamix: Released in 2016.
Kirby: Planet Robobot: Well another Kirby game and similar to Triple Deluxe, but this time with Mechs!... that can also transform! Who knew Kirby had it in him. It was kinda surprising to me, but it also seemed to surprise my friend who is not the biggest Kirby fan.I'm not the biggest Kirby player too, but I payed more attention to it because I thought it was a better series than Monster Hunter. OOPS!
Furthermore, you can use Smash Bros. Amiibos to give Kirby copy abilities. Most weren't amazing like Mario for Fire Kirby... eh. But a copy ability that hasn't returned since Amazing Mirror? Smash Kirby! Theo ne you get for touching in the Kirby Amiibo. But this game is also getting its own Amiibos too.
Team Kirby Clash: A 4-player game where you fight lots of different enemies and the Kirbys you play as have enhanced versions of existing copy abilities like Beam Mage. Looks really cool though and what? Whispy Woods is jumping!? Released 10th June 2016.

Now that was the end of the UK version. So some things the American version went through:
Pokken Tournament: Yeah, this wasn't shown in the UK Direct to my surprise... But not sure if you lot know... I'm not really interested in this game. It's a 3D Fighting Game and I'm not usually down with those. Outside of its gameplay style, I'm not very fond of its slightly more realistic approach. Even more so than Smash I'd say.
This game goes slightly Marvel vs Capcom and lets you have an Assist like Snivy or something, which is always nice.
When the game's also released, you can get the Shadow Mewtwo card to get... Shadow Mewtwo. Now remind me why they didn't just use normal Mewtwo? I don't think this Shadow design looks any better if you ask me. Released 18th March 2016 (US).
Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD: Released 4th March 2016 (US).
Mini Mario & Friends Challenge: Released 28th April 2016 (US).
Pocket Card Jockey: Uh so... yeah. A version solitaire where you play that to win horse races... I... I don't... Who's idea was it to put this on the 3DS and not on Mobile devices? Released in May (US).
Bravely Second: End Layer: They seemed to show off a few new classes in this and uh... they looks pretty cool. The Cat Class thingy (?) was the one that got my interest as it learns your opponent's moves, uses them... and you get treats. (Sidestory?) released in 10th March 2016 (US).
By the way, there's a Collectors Edition of this game. Looks good and is available for preorder now.

That's it for the American side of things Quite a bit we didn't get unfortunately, but neither version decided to show us any Zelda Wii U info. Thanks Nintendo...
But hey, seems like we're getting quite a few games these next few months, so... enjoy!

That's all from me. I'll see you all later. Take care!
- GamefreakDX
Well... uh, Sun and Moon are confirmed. You know, I actually like those names too, but they're not going with colours like the other Gens did.

Unfortunately, the titles of the game were leaked not long after the announcement of the Direct. Thanks leaks... Would've been better if they had shown off more like I don't know, the starters for this new Gen, but not even that. I was expecting that too.
Other than that, they showed us a trailer celebrating 20 Years of Pokemon. Damn... I still feel kinda ashamed I didn't start Pokemon until Gen 4 because I was small and believe it or not, terrified of Pokemon.

They also told us that the new versions of Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow will be compatible with the Pokemon Bank so you can eventually transfer them to Sun and Moon. Kinda forgot Bank was a thing to be honest; only used it once...

I mean... that's it though. There wasn't too much. It was mainly the announcement of Sun and Moon, and a celebration of 20 Years of Pokemon. I mean seriously, it was only 7 minutes.
I partly blame the leak still...
Those are my thoughts on the Direct.

- GamefreakDX
I doubt I'll use these too often, but you know...

Expressions 01- Normal by GamefreakDX "Nice weather, isn't it?"
Expressions 02- Happy by GamefreakDX "Thank you so much!"
Expressions 03- Proud by GamefreakDX "Yeah! I totally did that!"
Expressions 04- Sad by GamefreakDX "That poor turtle..."
Expressions 05- Crying by GamefreakDX "I'm so showwy!"
Expressions 06- Shocked by GamefreakDX "Wh-what are you doing!?"
Expressions 07- Embarrassed by GamefreakDX "Ahahaha... Oops."
Expressions 08- Questioning by GamefreakDX "What are you talking about?"
Expressions 09- Unimpressed by GamefreakDX "Is that the cheesiest line you have...?"
Expressions 10- Angry by GamefreakDX "Why don't you just shut up!?"

Thank you and have a nice day!
- GamefreakDX
They're finally out! And this is the end of the DLCs too... but I get the feeling there'll be at least one more patch to balance out the new characters if they're too weak or overpowered. That's just a guess though.
Unfortunately, it turns out my external USB Hard Drive for my Wii U was never really connected, I haven't gotten the two on the Wii U version yet... which makes me wonder how I was suddenly able to update the game for Cloud and all.
So again, I'm stuck on the 3DS version for the time being. ( ̄。 ̄)

But anyway, without further ado:
Corrin: I haven't spent as much time with him... or her (I play as the female version). Only around 2 matches in and out of Online + Classic Mode. She's moderately fast and powerful. Her Side Smash and her Down Special are the stuff of nightmares. Her S-Smash is pretty damn long and the tip has a lot of knockback power and her Down Special? I got KOed by it at 60% once. It's also quick to react to attacks, so I don't know how easily I'd be able to escape that kind of counter.
The rest of her though? I mean she has good attacks. Her Back Aerial can be good for spacing. Not only is it powerful, but it also pushes you forward. Her Neutral Aerial is pretty good as it covers all around her, Down Aerial hits multiple times, etc.
Her Throws aren't too amazing besides her Down Throw, but her Specials are something to be feared I think... besides Up Special. Not like it has a lot of height to it either... And with her Side Special, just be cautious.
Last thing to talk about with Corrin is not the character itself, but the 'Lost in Thoughts All Alone' track we get with them. Not the remix; I'm not so big on that version, but the vocal version? Amazing! Love it!
Please, PLEASE Nintendo, I beg of you to have a single with that theme song; I would totally buy that. You did that in Japan, so why not?

Bayonetta: The last character of the Fighter Ballot. In a way, replacing Snake. Use of guns and her game's are 16+ too. That's all I've got.
She's really awkward to play as. Even more difficult than Ryu if you ask me. My problem with her is that you can do quite a number of combos in the air and all that, but the problem is, is that I think she struggles at KOing. Unlike Ryu who can combo into finishers, Bayonetta can't exactly do that. Some of her most powerful attacks are her Smashes. Especially her Side Smash. I suppose you can attempt to read your opponent and do Witch Time on them and finish them off that way.
I feel like she's got potential and I did enjoy playing as her a lot, but it's just a really new style I have to get used to I suppose.
On the ground, she's got rather simple attacks apart from her Smashes which are typically insanely powerful. Her Aerials are fine. Her Neutral isn't too useful, but her Forward Aerial is good for ending an Aerial combo. Back, Up and Down Aerials seem to be good KO options too. I find it a shame though not more of her Aerials are multi-hit attacks like the Forward Aerial. At least give that to the Back Aerial as well I'd say.
I think her Specials are fine, but her Side Special in the air? If you perform a Quarter Circle Forward motion, you'll do the attack diving downwards, but for a couple of times, I mess it up and it's a bit annoying, but I think it's pretty good. Especially when you want to land on the ground quickly or in the opposite direction.
Figuring out combos with her is fun. She's probably got much more than Ryu since she also relies on the air. Difficult to use still and it'll definitely take time.
The thing I hate most about her though is not with her gameplay necessarily, but her Heavy Damage voice clip? It's so loud and it's so annoying! ಠ_ಠ And you know, I remember having the same issue with Greninja... but that was before the game was even released and that cry from Greninja was changed to a KO voice clip. So what happened here?
It's a good thing I decide to listen to my own music while playing Smash. Especially on the 3DS. At least it nullifies her voice on that part a bit...

And that's it. My impressions. At this point in time, I'd say Corrin is higher tier than Bayonetta. That's at this point in time though. I get the feeling that as time passes, Bayonetta will be the one on top.

That's it from me, though I think I'll update this post when I manage to get my Wii U version up to date with the patches and all.
See you all later!


I've got my Hard Drive to work at last. I feel like an idiot; the answer was so obvious and I messed it up.
But I now have Corrin and Bayonetta on the Wii U version!